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Figg's Ridge Hunting Bassets is a small family owned kennel organized to participate in AHBA field trial events. All of our Hounds are Dual registered with the AKC and the AHBA. We enjoy hunting and Field Trials with our Bassets and just spending time with our dogs. From time to time we will breed our hounds to try to better our line for competition. Unforunately we can't keep all of the litter, so we offer them for sale to good homes.  Our Sire and Dam are Field Champions, their parents are Field Grand Champions.  Our Puppies sell for $350-$450 depending on sex and color.

Sometimes we will also have dogs available that aren't puppies any more. Dogs that we have kept out of previous litters or acquired elsewhere that just are not working out in the field. Some dogs just don't have the desire to hunt and would prefer to sit next to you on the couch. They deserve a good life with a loving family also! There is no shame in being a family companion! Puppies are a lot of work a full grown dog is a short cut to a wonderful relationship with a Basset friend. 

Champion or Companion all of our bassets are special to us. We encourage our buyers to get active with your dog. If you would like more info on field trails or hunting with bassets please let me know. I would love to talk with you. Visit the American Hunting Basset website at www.bassetnet.com   Discounts available to Field Trialing Buyers!

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Daisy Mae
Found the rabbit!
Copper Posing
Someone say Rabbit?