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**************************WE HAVE OLDER PUPS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION********************************

Havanese Puppies . Puppies are VET CERTIFIED HEALTHY. We do not resell other breeders pups . Any Good Breeder can tell you, breeding puppies is not a money making venture. It is hard work and long hours. All of our pups are sold with a contract and the New Jersey Consumer Law. We are dedicated to producing and selling the very best bred and healthy puppy for our customers. All our pups are sold with a Money Back Guarantee.      WE HAVE PUPPIES AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION  NOW.     ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������
��Call �to make appt.��� Thank you.����� �Updated 12/23/2015.�� Phone Calls Preferred as we are very busy and cannot always get to the computer.� If you email and we do get back to you within 24 hours please call.
No Shipping Available- Face to Face sales only. We also have a "Puppy Checklist" where we go over the pup before you buy it to ensure that you know you are buying a healthy puppy.
�We do not "broker" puppies. To put our customers minds at ease I will be showing our pups from the 5th day after they are born. It was my policy not to allow our pups exposure to outside germs before they received their shots but my vet has assured me that the pups are protected by the mother's antibodies. Of course no one will be able to handle them but you may take pics

As always all�our pups are sold with an open return policy- if at any time you cannot keep our baby we will accept return no questions asked. We brought them into the world and we are responsible for their lives. We would never want�our babies to end up in the pound or shelter or rescue.

We also follow all the guidelines of what a REPUTABLE Breeder should be as written out by the Humane Society of America. When you buy a puppy from�us you get
1. Written contract 2. Animal Health Record 3. Vet Health Certificate 4. Care instructions 5. Open Return Policy 6. registration papers 7. Checklist of all documents. 8. Care Package 9. Know Your Rights Statement (as required under NJ Consumer Laws that govern the Sale of Dogs and Cats)�� We do our best to keep abreast of all the new changing dog laws.� Anyone selling puppies in the State of New Jersey MUST give you these documents or they are in violation of the LAW.

We only feed Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy.�� We invest alot of time in our babies but due to the economy����� we do not ask alot for our pups, a good, loving home is more important.�

We would also like to explain that in our breeding programs we never INBREED or CLOSELY LINEBREED.� This has always been our policy.� It makes for��healthy, stronger offspring.� When our pups are born you can feel the�strong, life they have in their little bodies.��Within minutes they are nursing and growing.� It is amazing.� We have just as many males (studs) as we have females.� When breeding,� one male cannot possibly� match up with say even two females.� When carefully breeding one needs to know the flaws that need to be improved with both the sire and dam, you do not just put together two dogs and whoopie we have pups.�� That is how and why many breeds have several structure and temperment problems, not to mention health problems.� We carefully seek to improve the breed through selection of the sire and dam most fitted for each other and if we cannot do that we will seek another stud outside our program that does
At this time we have a few older pups that are done with shots and basically trained. Havanese SALE We are aggressively seeking homes for a handful of Older Puppies ages 4-6 months old. ALL pups are done with vaccines and wormings. Crate Trained.  We are trying to get everyone in a home by the end of the month. Please call for more info or to make arrangements for an appointment. When getting a new puppy you will need:

1)� Two Bowls-crock style-easy to clean and heavy enough that they won't get tipped over. Corningware works too.
2)� Leash-6ft. light weight (skinny)
3)� Collar- 10 inches.� NO HARNESS- it makes knots on the belly and under arm pits
4)� Crate- Midwest with Divider��� 18" x� 24"
5)� Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food
6)� Nutri-Stat, Vitamin/sugar paste- keeps pup's blood sugar up so pup can adjust to new surroundings/stress from move
7)� Old towel for crate or Lambskin pad.
8)� Airline crate for travel with pad or old towell
9)� Make vet appt. ASAP for when you bring new pup home
10) Wee Wee Pads
11)� Pack and Play playpens work great, pick up at yard sale or flea market.� Fold for travel.
12)� Greyhound comb for grooming and a good dog shampoo and conditioner.

We ask that if you make an appt. with us, please, please do not go to another breeder's house, a shelter or a pet shop on the same day you are coming to see us or make our appt. the first on your list.� The shelters and pet shops are full of Kennel Cough and Parvo at this time of year and you can carry that to our pups on your clothes, hair, shoes etc.����� These diseases are air borne viruses which are highly contagious.�� We cannot know if someone brings us a disease as incubation periods can be as short as 2 days to a week and by then alot of our puppies and parents could be affected even though all our puppies are given shots there are still different strains that could get through.� We want to make sure that our puppies stay healthy and happy, no one wants a puppy�to be sick.�� Thank you.�

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cream male rehoming fee $450