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Four Square Pugs is a small 10 pug "kennel" located in Osceola WI, less than an hour drive from St. Paul, MN. I am a retired Veterinary Technician, and have been breeding healthy, quality Pugs since 2000. When I went to find my breeding candidates, and future family members, I concentrated on finding breeders/bloodlines with a proven history of good skin, without allergies, and good hips; then from there I looked for individuals with slightly deeper set eyes and good, open nostrils and a slightly longer muzzle. My experiences as a Vet Tech has shown me what misery and expense allergies, breathing problems and eye problems can cause for the dog and thier families, and my goal was and is to produce genetically and conformationally sound dogs that will provide thier new families with not only love, laughter and years of joy, but also the great health and hardiness that should be part of the breed. The wonderful personalities are there, of course, to round out the whole Pug package! My dogs are, without exception, healthy, athletic and conformationally sound; I have never had a pup returned for ANY type of health problem in 14 years of breeding, and I am happy to provide as many references as you care to contact. While it's impossible to guarantee that I will never have a pup with a health issue, my goal is to breed only dogs that don't exhibit any themselves and that have no history of them; If a problem crops up, and sometimes they will, as a responsible breeder, it's my job to make things right for both you and your "fur-kid". I have had very few significant problems in my pups in 13 years of Pug breeding, but I'm happy to refer you to the families who have had problems come up, and you can ask them about how I handleed the situation for them; Anyone can claim to be responsible and abide by thier contact and guarantees, but I actually do, and am happy to prove it.
My big stud muffin ( Ben), his junior stud muffin understudy,( Tate) and 8 girlies, Hershey ( retired), Roxanne, Beans, Georgia, Agnes, Pippa and Penny are part of my family; they live inside, and usually hog the bed and the lazy-boy, and in short, believe that they own the place, and just let me live there because I do the shopping! Come and visit...they ALL love company!

AKC inspected and fully approved in July 2014
USDA inspected and fully approved September 2013; WI UDSA License # 274475-DS 2011-2012
Four Square Pugs breeds only AKC Registered and Pedigreed Pugs.

Four Square Pugs does not ship puppies by air cargo. Pups must either be picked up in person or I will help you arrange ground transport through an interstate Pet Escort service. Sorry, but cargo shipping is risky for any puppy, but especially for snub nosed breeds like a Pug puppy.

99.99% of my pups are placed as pets with a written spay/neuter obligation, and are priced at $800.00 regardless of color or sex. No pup will be held in reserve without a paid security deposit of $300.00. I do not accept "payments" for puppies, and the full balance must be paid before any puppy leaves my home at 8-10 weeks of age. Chocolate pups are not given any AKC registration paperwork until proof of spay/neuter in provided in order to protect them from unscruplous "back-yard breeders" looking to cash in on a rare color.


Summer 2014 litters
My two summer litters arrived within a few days of each other!
Pippa and Tate welcomed a big litter of 6 pups on July 30th...ALL FAWN! There are 4 males and 2 females, all big healthy pups that are going to be real lookers and probably on the larger end of the Pug spectrum ( Just like mom and dad!) I will begin accepting reservations on August 1st...please email Osceolapug@gmail or call 715-755-3476 for details on availability.

Georgia and Oscar welcomed a pretty litter of 5 pups on July 26th, with 3 males and two females and a nice mix of Darks and Fawns. This is a good looking litter that is a bit more on the petite size ( like Mommy is) for the most part, especially the females who are little fur biscuits!
Dark Male~ Teagan and Kenny Langsley
Fawn Male #1~Melissa Evans
Fawn Male #2~ Joan Meese
Dark Female~ Pending
Fawn Female~ Available as of July 30

Spring 2014 litters
Opal and Tate welcomed their first litter on June 14th...small in nmuber but huge in cute factor! This is my very first litter as a co-owner, and Opal and her vbabies are residing with the Swansons of Somerset, where Opal lives full time. This lovely little litter is made up of 4 pups, 3 females( one Fawn and two darks, both of who show signs of being Chocolates or Silver Tips like their daddy) and one Fawn male. They have been in for their primary vet check and dew-claw removal and we are accepting reservations now. These pups will be ready for their new homes the weekend of August 9th, and will be covered by all of the Usual Four Square Pugs guarantees and contracts (-: 
Fawn Male~ Peligrinni family
Fawn Female~ John and Laura Brunner
Big Dark Female~ Four Square Pugs
Smaller Dark Female~Aja Baymenay

Agnes and Tate welcomed thier litter on March 18th, and what a nice litter! She has 7 healthy happy pups, and all are doing well. They have already been in for their primary vet check and to have ther dewclaws removed, and after the first rush of reservations, I still have two gorgeous male pups available for reservation. I expect that they will be snapped up fairly quickly, so please´┐Żemail for more information and current availability.
Black Female #1~ Jamie Capucci and Brittin Fontenot
Black Female #2~Lynn Carlson
Black Female #3~ Troy Arrigoni
Fawn Female ~Mandie Breamer
Fawn Male #1~ Keri Krzyzaniak
Fawn Male #2~April and Dan Lopez
Black Male ~Jessica Fehlen

Georgia and Tates litter arrived in the early hours of January 9th, and as always Georgia outdid herself with for gorgeous pups. Her litter is made up of 2 dark males, 1 dark female and one fawn female, so hopefully between this litter and Beans, we can provide the exact color and sex pup for everyone who is waiting for that perfect puglet to join thier family!
This litter will also go in for perinatal checks and dew-claw removal Monday at 3PM and I will begin accepting reservations starting at 5PM the same day (1/13/14)
Dark Male #1~Jon Thom family
Dark Male #2~Jim Gamlin
Dark Female #1~Eric Casseta family
Fawn Female #1~Eric Casseta family

Beans and Ben welcomed a lovely litter of 4 in the late hours of January 8th and mom and pups are all doing well. This litter is made up of 4 fawn/apricot pups, two males and two females, though it's too early to tell yet whether any will lighten up to be fawn like daddy or stay apricot like mom. The litter will go in for perinatal vet chcecks and dewclaw removal on Monday 1/13, 3 PM and I will begin accepting reservations at 5PM that same day. For information on reserving a pup, please contact me or refer to the material that I sent to you when you first inquired about having one of my pups (-:
Fawn Male #1~Mary Ruff
Fawn Male #2~Pending
Fawn Female #1~Engdahl family
Fawn Female #2~Cindy Baker

Litters of Fall/Winter 2013
Pippa and Tates litter arrived on Friday November 1st, and it is quite the litter! 7 pups, 4 females and 3 males, with a good variety of color and all healthy and happy. This litters pups are on the petite side, because there were so many in the litter, but they have been in for thier post-natal vet check and dew-claw removal, and all have checked out healthy.
~Sorry, all reserved~
Fawn Female~ Bondurent
Fawn Female~Olsens
Fawn Male~McDonald
Bl Male~ Hickey
Bl Female~ Newton
Bl Female~ ~Gaggiolis
Ch Male~Geller Family

Roxanne and Ben welcomed a lovely litter of 6 on October 25th; this is a super nice litter of big, healthy, active pups who will be ready for their new homes the week of December 25th (-: As always, Rox is a stellar mother amnd she and Ben together make some really gorgeous pups. This litter is reserving up quickly, with only two pups still available as of 11/1...and as always, I'm happy to keep your pup here, safe and calm until after the holiday craziness is over if that is what works best for you and the pup. This litter will be 8 weeks and ready for their new homes on December 25th
Sorry~Alll reserved

Before reserving a Puglet for you and your family, please do some research into both the breed, and into puppy rearing/training. I love to chat with people about my dogs and the breed in general; their strong points and also their weaknesses. While they are a FABULOUS companion breed, they are not right for everyone, and I like to help people decide rationally whether or not you have the time and resources to raise a Pug puppy! Before you buy, please do some reading, talk with breeders and also with families that currently own a Pug. Learn all of the pros and cons before you take home a new baby...you might find that an adult dog from Pug Rescue is exactly what you are looking for! Please feel free to contact me by phone or email, and I can recommend some quality reference books that are readily available, some websites to look at ( as well as some to avoid) and I almost always have time to stop for a cup of coffee and just talk Pugs!

Please email for current availability since I can't always get this information changed quickly enough to keep up with reservations being made....Osceolapug@gmail.com

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Hershey on the pounce, ears a-flapping
Big Ben III...Gotta love a Pug Mug!!
Mutual Contemplation...
Jonesy hangin' out at the lake
Juneau at her
Milton~ A Chocolate Pug
Lina pup with her
Puglets on a gorgeous late spring day.