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************************Welcome to Four Square Pugs*******************

~~~~~~~~~~Breeding quality pugs for family pets since 2000~~~~~~~~~~

Four square Pugs is taking a step into the future this year, and there are some important changes happening! As I have begun to venture back into the Equestrian market, and am now also raising beef cattle, I am stepping back a bit on Pug Breeding...there are only so many hours in the day, and I simply cannot keep up with demand, so I am no longer going to try. My apologies to those of you who will be impacted by these changes, but please know that this is a culmination of events over the past 3-4 years and I have decided that 2016 is the year for change.

In this coming year, I will be paring back on the number of litters produced by Four Square Pugs, and the females I have who will be retiring in 2016 will not be replaced. By the end of 2016 I expect to be down to 6 Pugs ( including Ben of course, for as long as he remains happy and comfortable in his retirement years) and will be planning to have no more than 3 litters per year. This will obviate the need for a commercial kennel license and all of the attendant hassles thereof, and allow me more time to give to all of my animals and especially my Pug Posse, and to those families who will become my “Pug-In-Laws”. For the last 5 years I have been swamped with requests and demands and I feel that I have been unable to provide the sort of service that I have always aspired to give to my Pug families, and rather than sacrifice quality I have chosen to reduce quantity.

As we proceed into the future, Four Square Pugs will be doing genetic testing for PDE on all breeding dogs, as a part of the overall effort to eliminte this horrible, fatal disease. All FSP Pugs have been tested, and by 2020 I hope to be completely “carrier” free, insuring that no FSP puppy will ever have even the potential to express this disorder. Of course, I remain focused on a more healthy conformation type in my dogs, ( Better nose conformation, less facial skin fold, deeper eye set and slightly longer legs and torsos) and to breeding only allergy free adults, so that my run of “Good Luck' in getting healthy, allergy free pugs who can breath without nasal surgery will continue unchanged.

I will continue to reserve pups using the current method, which I believe is the most fair way for anyone seeking one of my pups, but given that I will be doing more testing and breeding fewer pups, I will be rasining my prices across the board. This has been a long time coming, but as I see more and more breeders charging $1500-2000 per pup, I feel that I need to come up to a more competative level of pricing...I have tried to keep below average for this part of the country, and I hope to do so still, but as of Spring 2016 I will begin charging $1200.00 per pup, regardless of color or sex, and anyone seeking full registration/breeding rights will be charged $2500.00. The same stipulations will apply for those who wish to buy a breeding candidate, and so I expect that I will continue to place VERY few dogs in that capacity; My focus now, as always, is in producing healthy, happy, well socialized Pugs to become members of your families, to give you years of love and laughter without the health problems that can be associated with this breed.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questoins, but PLEASE READ all of the above information before contacting me...I will not return inquiries asking only for price and immediate availability. I will continue to keep a list of people who wish to receive litter annoucements, but I will clear the list more frequently as the number of pups availble will be significanlty reduced this year and hereafter. Probable wait times for a pup will be in the 3-9 month range, so please plan ahead.

There are no litters planned or in process as of March 31, 2016. I will announce litters when they are born, but for those who are seriously interested in having a pup I strongly recommend that you ask to be added to my litter annoucement list, as litter reserve out very quickly.

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Hershey on the pounce, ears a-flapping
Big Ben III...Gotta love a Pug Mug!!
Mutual Contemplation...
Jonesy hangin' out at the lake
Juneau at her
Milton~ A Chocolate Pug
Bean & Sprout
Puglets on a gorgeous late spring day.