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Our AKC registered English Cream Golden Retrievers come from long lines of  champions shown in Europe and come from one of the top breeders in the world, The Morning Valley of the Netherlands.We are a small breeder located in Rhode Island. Our puppies are raised with lots of love and nurturing and are well socialized.  Our dogs live on our farm and in our home and have lots of room to run and play and have fresh air to breath. Our dogs are our family members and we provide only the best for them. The parents are all health tested and the puppies are guaranteed.

Our puppies are as stunning as their parents...gorgeous light cream to white coats with dark eyes and nose, blocky heads and show quality conformation.  Our dogs have the most wonderful temperaments. They are extremely intelligent, easily trained, and  have endless love for us and just want to please. They think they are lap dogs. They light up a room with their wonderful personalities. It is impossible for us to go out in public without being stopped by people wanting to visit with them.

Why an English Cream Golden instead of an American Golden? Simply answered: Cancer. In 1998 the Golden Retriever Club of America did a study and found that a staggering 61.8% of American Goldens died from cancer...the biggest killer of this breed. In 2004, the Brittish Kennel Club did a study on English Goldens and found that a significantly lower rate of deaths to cancer...38.8% of English bloodlines occured.  The median lifespan of the average American Golden is 10 years, 8 months; whereas the median lifespan of the average English Golden is 12 years, 3 months. The average purebred English Goldens lived 1 year, 7 months longer than the average American Golden and died from cancer half as often the American Goldens. 

A health guarantee comes with the contract. All puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, vet checked and are well socialized. 

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