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NO PUPPIES FOR AT LEAST A YEAR. Taking a break due to helping family members with health issues.
Allow me to tell you about myself.  I have had Saints for about 10yrs now.  My first Saint passed away to cancer at age 10.  I was totally hooked once I got her.  I have done extensive foster work for over 25yrs and am familiar with all the different breeds.  I have 3 neutered and spayed dachshunds plus 2 beautiful Saints.  I was pre-vet in college at U.C.Davis, voted the 2nd best veterinary school in the U.S.  So, I love all dogs but Saints have truly stole my heart. 
     We also own 3 horses and cats.  Our animals are my full time job, along with the house and 1 teenager,2 college children, and my 85yr old mom with Parkinsons and dementia.  Oh and my big kid, my husband.  Joe goes everywhere with me.  Loves the car.  Sasha gets to go along too when I don't need any kind of room for groceries.  I need a bigger car!


I ask that you have either owned a Saint before or have thoroughly researched the breed.  Please don't buy one based solely on their looks!  I know how cute they are!  Realize that they grow up to be HUGE dogs. They eat 4-6 cups of food a day,  if they need meds for ex. more weight, higher price.  Heartworm preventative, flea treatment, boarding and grooming costs, you name it,  the bigger the dog, the more expensive.  They drool, snore(actually it is cute),shed daily and heavy at least twice a year ALOT, and need training from the start.  If you have considered all of these things, and still are head over heels to get one, then you won't be sorry!

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Joey on crazy day at school
Litter 2011
Joey with Ruby
Joey and Sasha
Joey with his chewy!