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We have male and female puppies available at this time.  Check out our website at www.irishretriever.com to see our available puppies.

Here at Sunshine Acres, we specialize in raising quality Golden Irish F1 hybrid puppies. 
Golden Irish are also sometimes referred to as Irish Retrievers. We have focused on this wonderful cross so that we can offer you a healthy, genetically sound Golden Irish puppy with an outstanding temperament and reduced shedding. Since our hybrid puppies are from two unrelated purebred breeds, they are healthier that a purebred dog due to hybrid vigor (genetic diversity). Our Golden Irish puppies have a reduced risk for the genetic health issues that can affect purebred Golden Retrievers and purebred Irish Setters.


The Sunshine Acres Golden Irish is socialized in a family setting following techniques taught by Jan Fennell, The Dog Listener. Sunshine Acres is family owned and family run. We are located in northwest Indiana about halfway between Chicago and Indianapolis just off I-65, near Wolcott. Our mission is to provide a healthy, intelligent, sweet-natured puppy that is supreme at making families laugh together and give individuals devotion and companionship. 


Our Golden Irish Hybrid puppies come with a three year health warranty, vet check, current vaccinations and are from good, healthy lines. Each of our puppies' parents have been OFA certified or evaluated by Pennhip. Our family raised puppies are socialized to children and handled individually each day.   We welcome visits from you so you can meet our puppies and their parents.   A lifetime of support comes free with each of our puppies. We love to be kept updated on their growth and training progress. 

Check out our website at www.irishretriever.com to see if your newest best friend is currently living with us.   Or, call me at 219-863-3970 with any questions. 

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