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Being a registered AKC Breeder of Merit and a very small show home, we're into quality, not quantity. We have only one or two (at most) litters per year; sometimes none. We're looking for the elusive show dog where we also get some extremely well-bred, healthy pets in the same litter who need forever homes. Also, we sometimes have older puppies who were grown out for show that we find might not have what it takes to be competitive in the ring and who now need a nice, forever pet home. Lastly, once in awhile we have an older retired show dog who is no longer competing who would just love to go with a nice family who would take him/her into their home to be their favorite couch potato forever.

Our dogs are tested for their age-appropriate health clearances (i.e. hips, eyes, MDR-1, VwD, thyroid, etc.) and reside in pet, performance, and conformation homes. Likewise, all pet quality pups and older dogs are wormed/given necessary shots before placement and are placed into their new homes on a spay/neuter agreement. It's definitely healthier for the pet and so much easier for you!

We reserve the right to place our dogs at our discretion to make sure of a perfect fit. We want you to be happy with your pet and we want our dog to be happy in its new home and environment. We expect these placements to be a lifetime commitment over the life of your pet. In return you will have the reference of our many years of experience to help you and guide you over its lifetime in case you ever have questions, concerns, etc. Many of those who have our dogs have become some of our very best friends!

Many families join us each year in August at our local sheltie club's annual picnic where they can learn some of the latest health tips and latest grooming techniques, etc., and also play some sheltie games with their pets. It's a great time for the whole family!

If we don't have the pet you're looking for, we can get you in touch with someone who does. And remember,

Shelties are like potato chips...

You can never have just one!!!

Contact us when you're looking to add another sheltie to your life.

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CH. Jeep as a 9 mos old & as an 18 mos. winner.
CH. Jeep as an 11 yr old. Note how our Pure-for-Sables go from the bright orange-reds through to the very beautiful, deep-rich mahogany colors. That's through many generations of un-adulterated pure-for-sable breedings. They're very clear.
One pooped puppy.
Two Kizzbri pups with the typical
Two sample Kizzbri puppies - Girl on left is now an agility champion & boy on right is
Littermates - Pictured at 11.5 yrs old. Girl on right holds USA's nat'l record for being the oldest sheltie to ever finish its AKC championship - at age 12!! She competed against the 1 - 5+ yr. olds and won at specialties!! Longevity reigns at Kizzbri~
Children + Shelties = a PERFECT fit!!
An example of one of our puppies who is now someone's bed partner!