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AKC Multiple Champion Lines, Gorgeous!  Optigen clear by parentage. Poodles are intelligent and they do not shed. You can groom them in all sorts of cute hair styles. Different colors.  I love the Miniature poodle, they are like teddy bears.  Awesome dogs!  Handled daily with love. If we do not have what you are searching for you can have your name put on a waiting list. Poodles do not shed and are hypo-allergenic. Poodles have hair not fur and people who have allergies to cats, dogs or other animals will not with poodles unless the allergen is to saliva. They do not carry a dog odor. Poodles do need regular brushing and they do require haircuts just like people to keep them mat free. We recommend haircuts every 6-8 weeks or sooner. Poodles are intelligent and beautiful. Thank you.  

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Black Poodle, A very, very gorgeous poodle, Very lovely to look at!
Black Poodle
Silver Poodle with a face so beautiful that it made me melt everytime I looked in his face. One very gorgeous poodle!
Brown Poodle, this one was a clown, and adorable!
Brown Poodle, a very lovely, gorgeous brown!
A very sweet boy, and lovely to look at!
Brown Poodle, a doll baby! And so loving!