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AKC Multiple Champion Lines, Gorgeous!� Optigen clear by parentage. Poodles are intelligent and they do not shed. You can groom them in all sorts of cute hair styles. Different colors.� I love the Miniature poodle, they are like teddy bears.� Awesome dogs!��Handled daily with love. If we do not have what you are searching for you can have your name put on a waiting list. Poodles do not shed and are hypo-allergenic. Poodles have hair not fur and people who have allergies to cats, dogs or other animals will not with poodles unless the allergen is to saliva. They do not carry a dog odor. Poodles do need regular brushing and they do require haircuts just like people to keep them mat free. We recommend haircuts every 6-8 weeks or sooner. Poodles are intelligent and beautiful. Thank you. �

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Black Poodle, A very, very gorgeous poodle, Very lovely to look at!
Black Poodle
Silver Poodle with a face so beautiful that it made me melt everytime I looked in his face. One very gorgeous poodle!
Brown Poodle, this one was a clown, and adorable!
Brown Poodle, a very lovely, gorgeous brown!
A very sweet boy, and lovely to look at!
Brown Poodle, a doll baby! And so loving!