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See several of my dogs and pups featured at play at the above link!

Gorgeous, outgoing, happy-go-lucky rat terriers from the old true-blue American bloodlines that perform the work they were bred for, while embodying the ideal family dog!� I'm fortunate to have dogs from some fine kennels representing the best of East Coast, West Coast, and Heartland bloodlines. Combining Decker working dogs with top conformation lines, my dogs will delight with their intelligence, athleticism, personality and hardiness.�

Pups are raised on a small farm where they have exposure to large dogs (I have been breeding German shepherds for thirty years under Hollow Hills/vom hohlen Huegel kennel name), chickens, horses, and wildlife.� They hike in the woods, romp in the pastures, and generally have a marvelous start to life so they can be well-rounded companions or performance dogs.

These guys will delight you with their potential for work, play, performance, and love!

PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE for lots more information...click the link at the header, above, and contact me VIA EMAIL from that site or this one. THE PHONE NUMBER LISTED IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE.

Litter Due June 29, 2014 � from Fern Hills Kaleidoscope (chocolate tri-color mini) bred to Fern Hills' Anubis (very flashy Black Tuxedo bi-color toy) - expecting black Bi- & tri-color pups, primarily tuxedos. These pups should have personality to die for and the most lovely head type you could ask for. Accepting applications to reserve pups now. Pups available approximately early Sepember.

Litter due July 4, 2014 from Hollow Hills' Kyylikki bred to Fern Hills' Anubis. Expecting black tri- & bi-color pups; tuxedos and piebalds Should be extremely typey, colorful, show potential pups with great personalities for family companion. Reserve your baby now! Pups available for new homes in mid- September.

Litter Due July 5, 2014 Fern Hills' Jax the Ripper (DECKER black tri-color piebald mini) bred to Fern Hills' Swayze (chocolate tri-color piebald mini). Expecting black tri-colors and blue tri-colors (all carrying chocolate, some carrying dilute) mostly piebalds. With hunting instinct, expressive type, typical terrier attitude and intelligence, these pups should be able to do it all! Accepting deposits to reserve pups until available in September

Due July 16, 2014. Hollow Hills' Aces' Wild (DECKER Outcross, black tri-color TUXEDO large mini) bred to Fern Hills' Apollo of HollowHills (chocolate tri-color TUXEDO mini). Here's a litter that could give every color: pearl, chocolate, black, blue, all in tri-color and probably all TUXEDO. The working instincts from Ace's Decker background combines nicely with a total outcross to the West Coast bloodlines in Apollo. Truly exciting possibilities for conformation, performance, earthdog, agility, etc. Deposits for reservation of pups available late September.

All pups guaranteed in writing. Some adults available to approved homes.� Stud service on a limited basis.

Please note that the website requires listing a phone number, HOWEVER the phone number listed is no longer in service. THE ONLY WAY TO REACH ME IS VIA EMAIL, AS LISTED ABOVE, OR FROM THE WEBSITE LISTED ABOVE.

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Fern Hills' Kaleidoscope, chocolate tri-color nearly TUXEDO female mini
Fern Hills' Jax the Ripper, black tri-color piebald DECKER female
Fern Hills' Anubis, black bi-color TUXEDO toy male
Fern Hills' Apollo of Hollow Hills, chocolate tri-color TUXEDO mini male
Hollow Hills Kyylikki, black tri-color mini female
Hollow Hills Aces' Wild, black Tuxedo tri-color DECKER outcross
Fern Hills' Swayze, Chocolate tri-color piebald male