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The Boxer Lodge was founded on love for the Boxer breed and a desire to produce sound, sweet dogs for good, loving homes. We currently do not have any puppies nor do we expect any puppies in the near future. If you are looking for puppies, you can try the Michigan Boxer Club website at www.michiganboxerclub.com and open the 'puppies' page. There is a puppy champion that should be listed that may know of upcoming litters from our membership. 

Some information regarding puppy referrals… find a breeder that you feel comfortable with and one that is open to every question you may have. Ensure that the breeder health screens all dogs that they use in their breeding program - minimum of heart screening since heart issues are common in boxers, but hip, elbow, thyroid and eyes are not uncommon.... Also, make sure that they offer a health guarantee! All reputable breeders will stand behind their lines and offer a minimum of a 1 year health guarantee (preferably two years). This site lists many questions to ask a potential breeder, including the answers you should expect to hear - this can be a big help in weeding out breeders… If I can be of further help in any way, please contact me via email or phone. Good Luck in your search for the perfect boxer puppy! 

Please read on for more information about my breeding program… . 

All dogs used by me for breeding are certified for heart, hip & elbows. All puppies sold are health guaranteed for two years with a full replacement of the purchase price. I require all puppies sold as “pets” to be spayed and/or neutered before transferring registration. Puppies sold as “pets” are given only limited registration, no offspring can be registered through AKC and participation in some AKC sponsored events is also restricted. My goal is to place a puppy in a good, loving home. These puppies are all my babies and are raised in my living areas - not in a kennel, basement or garage. They are familiar with everyday busy household sounds, smells and sights and love to be handled. My puppies are never sold to pet stores and are only sold to "parents" that I feel comfortable with - these are all my babies and are treated with only the best care!!! I require all puppies to be returned to me (without compensation) should you not be able to keep your dog for any reason throughout his life or are not properly caring for him. Puppy pictures are placed on the internet weekly, chronicling the puppy’s life from whelping until they are placed in their new home. This helps new families to share in the entire life of their new puppy. Starting new boxer families, educating and sharing in the joy that a new puppy brings to a family is the reason I breed boxers...

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