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           The story of Marquis Royal Court

     "where endless glamour never ends"

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I'm a small hobby breeder and from time to time I have pups available that are suitable for a variety of purposes including breeding, showing in conformation, agility, tracking, fly-ball, pet therapy, service, or just a loving, top-quality pet/companion.

My motto is "Quality is not expensive. It's priceless."

At Marquis Royal Court I constantly strive to achieve quality in all I do for the benefit of my dogs and to solidify and spread my reputation as a breeder of excellence.

Papillions and Chihuahuas strongly desire to be with their owners 24/7, and that's exactly the way I want to keep it for them throughout their lives, and it's something potential buyers should consider carefully. Each dog is a loved individual and means the world to me and my family. They are most certainly not "just a dog". Each one holds a special place in our hearts. I am completely focused on spending my time with my dogs and their puppies. Playing ball, taking "fun rides" and making sure they are all happy, healthy and receive the best possible care. I am devoted to the puppies I raise. Their uncompromising care is my first priority. EVERY puppy is raised in my home with all the love and socializing they need and more, before going to their new homes. If your focus is showing, I do sell pups to show/breeding homes. I am very proud of my pups who have gone on to show.

I would love to share my personal story and how I have come to focus on these beautiful and intelligent little dogs.

As a breeder and as a person, I value honesty and a strong sense of responsibility. I look for those traits in the people with whom I place my puppies; I must, for when they are in your hands they are totally dependent upon you.  I would be horrified to find out one of my babies, or their offspring, ended up in a cage or in a puppy mill, pet-store, or with a puppy broker.

It has taken me many years to carefully develop my breeding program. It was difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. I researched, and paid high prices for, top-quality dogs of excellent, verified lineages, and have carefully husbanded them from there. I have worked very diligently to be where I am today. It was a long, expensive and painstaking process, but excellence is never cheap and never easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

I perpetually strive to better the breed, both in temperament and appearance. I  carefully research each pedigree prior to investing in my breeding dogs, not only for excellence in conformation, but also to prevent genetic defect, an ever-present threat in purebred dogs. I could not bear the thought of producing a sweet little puppy whose life prospects would be anything less than happiness and health.

I seek to produce puppies that correspond with breed standards for appearance with correct conformation, elegant movement, entrancing temperament, sound body, and who meet the AKC breed standards.

Each puppy is well-socialized and lives in my home with personal care 24/7. It is the only way I can thoroughly ensure proper socialization. What does well-socialized mean?  Proper socialization requires a continuous introduction and exposure to many environmental variables such as our family, friends, lots of playtime with different toys and people, new sounds, car rides and so on. A rich, nonthreatening but interesting environment makes for a confident, happy, and friendly puppy. To the extent that it is reasonable and safe for them (remembering that these are puppies), they are bathed and brushed so they become accustomed to that as well. Living in my home, my puppies can see my family and be around us at all times. Papillons and Chihuahuas were specifically bred for companionship, so it is my belief they need this sort of attention as an instinctive breed imperative. They have an bred-in desire to be with people, so providing for that for them as puppies gives them confidence and dovetails nicely with their instinct, helping to reduce stress and internal conflict.

Marquis Royal Court of Elegance and Perfection is located in the United States in the state of Mississippi just outside of Hattiesburg in a community called Oak Grove.

I am very happily married to a wonderful man (who is very understanding of my preoccupation) and have two wonderful children.

My experience with dogs began as a very young child, and was something of a family tradition. We always had Chihuahuas in our home and my grandmother raised them on an occasional basis. I always loved helping her take care of them when I was a little girl.  The Chihuahua breed has come a long way since then and the temperaments and conformation have improved considerably among the more reputable and breed-devoted breeders. Today, all of my Chihuahuas have wonderful, loving personalities and come from high-quality bloodlines, carefully bred to weed out undesirable characteristics. My Chihuahuas are never snappy, but rather playful and loving little ones that like to be with you 24/7.

I became interested in Papillons in 1997 around the time Kirby took Best of Breed at the Westminster Dog Show. I had previously seen these beautiful little dogs in paintings of Marie Antoinette & Louis-Auguste, Dauphin of France (eventually King Louis XVI of France) while visiting the Splendors of Versailles.  I resolved to do some research and discover all I could of them. I loved everything I read about them and realized they would be the prefect toy breed for me.

I have NO kennels. My dogs have free run of the house and have access to 3/4 of an acre of fenced yard where they can run and play and always be safe. Being a breeder of unquestioned reputation has become part of my personal identity and a major element of the pride I have in myself.

I show and breed, but on a small scale to be certain I have the time available to raise the best quality and healthiest puppies I possibly can. Happily and fortuitously, my husband is a veterinarian, very handy should any health problems arise; a seasoned professional is always available to give a helping hand. To review his credentials, my husband, Dr. Hembree, attended college at Mississippi State University, College Of Veterinary Medicine from 1977-1983, graduating in six years instead of seven. He owned his own veterinary practice for fifteen years. Later, my husband worked for Vet Smart for 3 1/2 years.  To avoid conflict of interest, we have ALL of our puppies checked by veterinarian Dr. Keith Davis. He performs ALL health exams and health certifications to verify the health of every puppy.  His number (listed below) is always available to you should you need it for any reason.

I worked as a veterinary assistant for my husband for many years which has served to enhance my knowledge and understanding of Papillons and Chihuahuas. I have also worked as a professional groomer which gave me experience handling many different breeds of dogs.

Many breeders will only sell you a show-prospect puppy with co-ownership on a strict contract. The purpose of this strategy is to offset some of their costs onto you while retaining most of the benefits. Additionally, some breeders ask for a larger dollar amount plus a "puppy back" when you breed the dog, and require that you must be actively showing or they will not sell you a puppy. I am opposed to this sort of behavior. It is exploitive and is self-serving on the part of the breeder.

Having said that, I would like to express my special thanks to all of the breeders who have sold and trusted me with their valuable puppies to improve my breeding program and I offer the same to others of a similar mind and commitment.

NO puppy of mine will be sold on a co-owner contract; I do not believe that to be fair or ethical. I believe that if you have purchased a puppy from me that it should be ALL yours with no bizarre obligation to share the love and happiness for some commercial purpose. I certainly would not purchase a puppy from a breeder who has intrusive purview over my puppy/dog. For emotionally justifiable reasons, I DO ask that you keep in touch and please send many pictures as the puppy grows.  PLEASE STAY CLEAR of breeders who insist on co-ownership with a co-owner contract. If you agree to such a thing, you may have little or no control over your dog's life as to when you can have him/her at your home to show, breed or just love. It's also very debilitating to the breed in general because it goes against their instincts.

Through hard-won experience, I have learned the critical importance of genetic quality. Care and thought must go into each breeding instance or the ramifications can be devastating. Breeding just for the sake of producing puppies to sell can have horrific consequences. Regrettably, I must admit to starting from a place of ignorance. I have long since corrected that mistake, but that experience has taught that it is wholly unacceptable to compromise on this point for any reason.

The Papillons and Chihuahuas of the past century were rare as only a few devoted breeders had them. Due to their recently increased popularity, many thoughtless and careless breeders, focused on monetary gain and fueled by ignorance, have started breeding Papillons and Chihuahuas. Breed wide, there have been disastrous consequences. PRA-eyes, Patella Luxations, faulty knees and heart, liver problems, poor temperaments, poor coats and nightmarish malformations are just a few of the sadly predictable results. The "look" of the original Papillons and Chihuahuas has been badly distorted and the "new" looks from the hack breeders bears little resemblance to the original perfection. The market has become polluted to the point where finding a quality puppy in these breeds takes considerable effort on the part of the buyer. I STRONGLY advise buyers to be careful and invest the necessary time and effort to research the breeder and the lines into which you are buying. It's work now, but you will be thankful for it for years to come. Please trust me on this, even if you don't select me as your personal breeder.

You may personally have no interest in showing your puppy; you may only be looking for a pet or companion, but you should still seek a puppy of show quality because "show quality" isn't only about looks. It's about health and temperament and a long, happy, rewarding life. They only live so many years, and those years need to be the best if only to be fair.  All of my breeding dogs have been selectively chosen from top winning pedigrees from top  American and European lines. The Papillon originated in and around France and Great Britain where some of the very best bloodlines in the world the derive. From the European countries you can find excellent quality with few genetic defects (genetic pollution), long earfringing and abundant coats, and the best temperaments. I only breed with the healthiest and best bloodlines available.

To learn more about the Papillon & Chihuahua, please read my Papillon & Chihuahua history and my Buying a healthy Papillon & Chihuahua pages.

Philosophically, I have worked to achieve a healthy balance of time spent between showing, breeding, and raising puppies. If I focused too heavily on showing, it would take too much time away from the process of raising the puppies. I do participate in short-distance showing as a strategic way to confirm the quality of my work with outside reviewers, which is the natural outcome of participating in a show. But the bulk of my time is spent in careful breeding, rearing, and augmenting my own breeding program with outside blood from proven lines. In other words, I leverage the efforts of the other showers to prevent that activity from consuming too much of my time which would be to the detriment of my puppies. In short, my primary goal is to focus on offering you a very friendly, very healthy, well-socialized, intelligent and playful puppy for showing/breeding, or just a loving companion. The showing activity in which I participate is in the furtherance of that objective.

I, and my family, treat and think of our dogs as PART of the family, and we are devoted to their care and well-being above all else. To help confirm the results of my breeding program, I train my personal dogs and puppies to compete in obedience, conformation, agility and therapy, knowing that these kinds of activities will be within the expectations of my clients. In this way I validate that I'm creating temperaments consistent with these activities that are likely to be passed on to the puppies produced. Personally, I utilize the treat method for obedience and behavior training.  I have only a few litters a year, since in my experience quality cannot be mass-produced but rather must be handcrafted one at a time. I think of my breeding efforts as a hobby or avocation lest I fall into the trap of thinking of it as a business. I have nothing against business, but it's poison to breeding.

I do not create pups with with the intention of supplying the mass pet market, but I do have some pups available, although only to good homes, since I can only keep a limited number of dogs; to be sure, if I could find a way to keep them all and give them all full lives myself, I would. Done properly, there is LITTLE TO NO PROFIT in breeding quality dogs. It would take more space than I have here to explain why, but that is simply the way it works out. I don't mind. The amount of happiness that I receive directly, never mind the amount of happiness I make for the world as a whole, is beyond price. I have brought dogs into the world that have gone on to be the center of other people's lives, to be the greatest happiness that some people have ever known, and to be the companions of a lifetime. Trying to profit from that in addition would somehow be... irrelevant.

No dog of mine has been, is, nor ever will be, raised in a CAGE. They are raised as family members (pack members to them) which is how I expect their lives to progress after they leave me. All adult dogs in my breeding program are tested by a certified professional veterinarian each year and have not shown any indication of Progressive Retinal Atrophy(PRA) or Patella Luxation, common markers for genetic flaws in these breeds.

My prices are significantly higher than average. If you have read this far on this page then you know how much goes into my process. It is expensive. If I could have found a way to achieve this quality at less cost, a cost which I have no alternative but to pass forward to you, I would have. If you do end up buying from me, take solace from the fact that, expensive as it is, you're getting the best at as close to cost as I can calculate. Try to bear in mind what your puppy has gone through to arrive at the point-of-sale, never mind the costs of maintaining the sires and dames. Each one of my breeding dogs are clean bathed often with the best products available, eyes and ears cleaned, verified free from any diseases, receive regular veterinary exams along with a complete blood workup which also checks the liver, heart & lungs. Dental checks are performed, and dental cleaning when needed. Each dog takes regular heart worm preventive, adults have yearly vaccinations, are carefully de-wormed every month as a preventative practice with panacur and pyrantal pamoate, each take multivitamins daily (Maximus Performance), nails trimmed when needed. I make sure each one eats the best quality foods available (The Royal Cain small breed dog food is a favorite; high in protein). Frankly, I count myself fortunate that I have the time and resources to do this.

I understand that money is always an issue. But I invite you to visit your local puppy mill or backyard breeder and then visit me. That experience will tell you more than I ever could.

I sell only to individuals.

I guarantee each puppy I sell comes from a known and documented lineage, and I guarantee that each puppy is well-socialized before it leaves our home. I can safely assure you that lower-priced puppies are regularly available elsewhere. I will just tell you that the price you'll pay for obtaining a puppy more cheaply will be one or more compromises in bringing the puppy to the point-of-sale. Those compromises will be with you for the life of the dog, and the consequences of some of those compromises is very significant.

I encourage you to remember that a puppy/dog is not a standardized product like a sofa or a car. Please do not buy a puppy because the price is cheap whether you eventually decide to buy from me or anyone else. Do the research, get the background information on the parents, check the pedigree, research the reputation of the breeder, and do all of the other common sense things. Check out the environment they came from and what were the provisions were for loving, daily socialization.

I am often asked the question, "Which is the best companion? Male or female?" In my experience, and this is a personal comment, males make the very best companion dogs. As a generality, they are biased towards loyalty and want to be involved in whatever it is you're doing at the moment, including nothing. Females are somewhat more independent as a gender. Naturally, this is a very broad generality and "your mileage may vary". Many people do worry about males marking, but this is a matter of training and discipline and my experience indicates usually they will not mark unless there a female in heat inside. Additionally, if you are very concerned about this issue, if you have your males neutered around 6-7 months of age, this behavior usually doesn't develop. Again, consistent training and discipline is the key in my experience.

As you might expect, females have many other attributes that some people find more to their liking. It's all a matter of taste.

If your interest is in showing, please e-mail or give me a call. I can help you get started or help you improve the work you've already done.

If you're looking for a pet or companion, also give me a call. I can get you started down that road.

I am veterinarian recommended by Dr. Davis at 601-264-0115. I have other references available upon request.

Sincerely, you are more than welcome to come visit my home and my dogs and review the loving and carefully nurturing environment I create for my puppies and dogs. If you're a buyer, you are quite welcome to come and pick up your puppy in person. But if you choose to have him or her shipped, verified safe shipping is available. We have never encountered a problem in that respect. I typically rely upon Delta Airlines for their service.

If you have an interest in buying an exceedingly high quality puppy, don't hesitate to drop me a line and we can start the process of getting to know each other and the dog you will never forget.

           Please note that all pictures and information is (copyrighted) property of mine and any use of pictures or information on this site is prohibited..

















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