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Planned breeding with hereditary screenings since 1966, with the goal of producing healthy, intelligent, athletic, mid-sized Goldens of good breed type, having moderate water-shedding coats and stable, loving personalities.�

***You can find information about the health concerns in the breed, pre-breeding health screenings and selecting a reputable breeder at the Golden Retriever Club of America website at www.grca.org.*** 

The lower left photo shows the Ciadar foundation: CH GAYHAVEN-KYRIE TALISMAN CD TD (1966 -1981), CAN OTCH GAYHAVEN SLIGHTLY CINNAMON UDT WC VC CAN UD OD (1967 - 1976) and their son AM CAN CH CAN OTCH CIADAR TINTINABULATION UDT WC VCX CAN UD OS (1970 - 1983). These three, together with AM CAN CH CAN OTCH CIADAR FLOURISH UDT WC VCX CAN UD OD (1980 - 1994) (third row�right photo) are behind all current Ciadar breedings. The�lower�right�photo shows CHAMPION TRACKER CIADAR MOTIVATION (1991 - 2003), a Jingle and Flurry grandson and the first Golden Retriever tracking champion in Minnesota.��

All Ciadar Goldens are live-in, lounge on the sofa housedogs (no kennel runs). The seniors sleep on the bed all the time and the others rotate. Pups are individually cuddled from birth and carefully socialized on an ongoing basis with adults and children. They build muscle tone and stretch their imaginations in puppy playgrounds in the house and outside under the pines, preparing for their careers as best friends, hunters, therapy dogs, trackers, agility and obedience performers, or whatever other partnerships are planned for them. All are retrieving and are introduced to a pheasant wing before leaving. No pup leaves before 7 1/2 weeks and each stays until the right family match is found, so sometimes well-adjusted older pups and young adults are available.�

New owners need to be planning to keep the pup as a live-in housepet, have a yard with a secure conventional fence (not invisible), provide a responsible adult for middle of the day care to at least 6 months of age, have a way to confine the pup during the day that does not include crating (crating overnight and for travel is OK), and be looking forward to continuing the pup's socialization and exercise program and to motivational obedience training. Karen Pryor's "Don't Shoot The Dog" and Jean Donaldson's "The Culture Clash" are essential reading. Other books worth reading are "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Positive Dog Training" and Pat Miller's " The Power of Positive Dog Training".�

Pick-up is in person; no shipping. No dogs sold for breeding. Each pup leaves with an information package that includes a written contract with health warranties, photos of mum and dad, pedigree data including health screenings, health history for the pup, vaccination information and advice, management information and advice (especially for optimal hip development), as well as training tips for the young pup. New owners are encouraged to ask questions, before and after purchase.


Young adult male available. Parents, grandparents and greatgrandparents have excellent or good OFA hip ratings.




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9 weeks
7 weeks
5 weeks
5 weeks
Napping with mum at 5 weeks
Toby, Cinnamon & Jingle
Blazer tracking