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My fellow breeder Stephanie Swanson has 2 black females available for reservation now. These pugs are out of my pedigreees and are protected by the same guarantees as my pups, and will be ready for thier new families at the end of April. Please contact Stephanie directly at (651) 247-4617

Four Square Pugs is a small 8 pug "kennel" located in Osceola WI, less than an hour drive from St. Paul, MN. I am a retired Veterinary Technician, and have been breeding healthy, quality Pugs since 2000. When I went to find my breeding candidates, and future family members, I concentrated on finding breeders/bloodlines with a proven history of good skin, without allergies, and good hips; then from there I looked for individuals with slightly deeper set eyes and good, open nostrils and a slightly longer muzzle. My experiences as a Vet Tech has shown me what misery and expense allergies, breathing problems and eye problems can cause for the dog and their families, and my goal was and is to produce genetically and conformationally sound dogs that will provide their new families with not only love, laughter and years of joy, but also the great health and hardiness that should be part of the breed. The wonderful personalities are there, of course, to round out the whole Pug package! My dogs are, without exception, healthy, athletic and conformationally sound; I have never had a pup returned for ANY type of health problem in 17 years of breeding, and I am happy to provide as many references as you care to contact. While it's impossible to guarantee that I will never have a pup with a health issue, my goal is to breed only dogs that don't exhibit any themselves and that have no history of them; If a problem crops up, and sometimes they will, as a responsible breeder, it's my job to make things right for both you and your "fur-kid". I have had very few significant problems in my pups in 15 years of Pug breeding, but I'm happy to refer you to the families who have had problems come up, and you can ask them about how I handled the situation for them; Anyone can claim to be responsible and abide by their contact and guarantees, but I actually do, and am happy to prove it.
My stud muffins ( Bruce and Morgan) and 4 lovely ladies, Maybelle, Eliza, Fannie, and Luna are part of my family; they live inside, and usually hog the bed and the lazy-boy, and in short, believe that they own the place, and just let me live there because I do the shopping! Come and visit...they ALL love company!

AKC inspected and fully approved in July 2014
USDA inspected and fully approved September 2013; WI UDSA License # 274475-DS 2011-2012
Four Square Pugs breeds only AKC Registered and Pedigreed Pugs.

Four Square Pugs does not ship puppies by air cargo. Pups must either be picked up in person or I will help you arrange ground transport through an interstate Pet Escort service. Sorry, but cargo shipping is risky for any puppy, but especially for snub nosed breeds like a Pug puppy.


Before reserving a Puglet for you and your family, please do some research into both the breed, and into puppy rearing/training. I love to chat with people about my dogs and the breed in general; their strong points and also their weaknesses. While they are a FABULOUS companion breed, they are not right for everyone, and I like to help people decide rationally whether or not you have the time and resources to raise a Pug puppy! Before you buy, please do some reading, talk with breeders and also with families that currently own a Pug. Learn all of the pros and cons before you take home a new baby...you might find that an adult dog from Pug Rescue is exactly what you are looking for! Please feel free to contact me by phone or email, and I can recommend some quality reference books that are readily available, some websites to look at ( as well as some to avoid) and I almost always have time to stop for a cup of coffee and just talk Pugs!

Please email for current availability since I can't always get this information changed quickly enough to keep up with reservations being made....Osceolapug@gmail.com

References available, including one from my Vet service of 17 years, upon request.


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Visitors!!! Yay!
Big Ben III...Gotta love a Pug Mug!!
Can we sit on your lap while you are on the computer?
Jonesy hangin' out at the lake
Juneau at her
Milton~ A Chocolate Pug
Bean & Sprout
Puglets on a gorgeous late spring day.