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 We have no puppies at this time.  We do our very best to raise Beautiful Puppies with emphasis on temperament and health. My ONLY breed has been Scottish Terriers for the past 16 years.  I am NOT a mass producer of puppies raised in kennels, pens, or barns.  We usually have only one or two litters per year.

 My little Scots are raised IN my home which is shared with their parents. They even ring a bell that is hanging on the door when asking to go out.  A brave, smart, affectionate, and independent breed, but not for everyone.

My dogs are strictly A.K.C.  Some commercial breeders, unhappy with the stricter rules of the American Kennel Club (AKC) are registering their puppies with other "registeries" that are less particular about accurate record-keeping, and/or testing. These "registeries" such as CKC (Continental Kennel Club) and APRI (American Pet Registry, Inc.) and others, will register ANY dog. They have NO standards.  All you have to do is send a photo of the dog, stating what breed (or what mix of breeds, such as Pekapoo ( a cross of Pekinese and Poodle) or Chiweenies (a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund) the dog is and they'll send you "papers".  These breeders can then sell puppies as "registered". These so-called "papers" are worthless.   AKC is the oldest pure-bred dog registry and dogs can be traced back many, many generations. 

With my Scotties, no genetic medical problems have arisen in the 16 years that we have been raising Scotties.  We breed according to the Standard but lean towards a smaller type Scotty. The puppies will be at least 8 weeks old before going to their new homes.  Our puppies are very people oriented.  Bold and confident, they love playing with each other and with lots of toys. Housebreaking will also be started.  Before going to their new homes, pups will have 1st shot(s), veterinarian checkup, and come with a 4 generation pedigree, and A.K.C. puppy/litter registration papers.  We ask $1850 per puppy, male or female.  We are located 98 miles South of Atlanta.  We do not ship.

                                    Remember, if it's not a Scotty,  it's just a dog.


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CHARLIE as a puppy
SORCHA, Paisley's daughter
Wheaten babies
Fergus at Christmas