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I breed for health and temperament. Some puppies are placed for show and others are placed as pet/companion. Although they are hypoallergenic and non shedding, there still is the potential to have an allergy to their saliva. So if there are any allergy concerns, make sure to visit a breeder and expose yourself to their fur and lots of licks to ensure you don’t have a reaction. 

This breed does require constant grooming and maintenance with their coats, so plan on frequent grooming appts...

I never have more than one breeding female at a time..so litters are not very frequent. 
Make sure you do your homework on where your puppy comes from! Health screening of DNA (PLE/PLN) on the parents is SO important for Wheaten Terriers to ensure there is no unhealthy breeding taking place. All documents and vet health records are available to review.
All vet care is done at our vet specialist clinic, references available. Puppies get all shots, wormings, tail docking, dew claws, micro chipping and checkups done at the vets office. Puppies are started on potty training, basic obedience skills, crate trained, and gets used to regular grooming with combs and scissors & bath time as they will be subjected to it constantly thru out their lives. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
If your a Backyard breeder or puppymill -DO NOT- contact me, I screen all potential families.

Current member of the SCWTCA.org(our Wheaten National club), SCWT Open Registry, and Piedmont kennel club(located in Charlotte,NC) I am also a past member of the SCWTCGTB(Soft Coated Wheaten terrier club greater tamp bay, FL)

Actively show in AKC confirmation in South East



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US Gch. Bossanova Calkiem Inny Piesek