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Reach North America Including all of the US and Canada, visitors search our directory by location, finding breeders closest to them.
NEW! Interactive Maps give your customers turn by turn directions from their door to your location.
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“...I have now 8 people holding for my next litter. WOW! If you didn’t offer this wonderful service, it would be so much harder to find good homes for my little friends & much more expensive :)” Thanks! -Beth R.

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“Just wanted to say thank you. We listed our ad with you approximately 2 weeks ago and have already sold a puppy to someone who located us on Gordon Setters are not common in our area, so the customer was thrilled to find us, close by, through Feel free to quote me for a testimonial."Kathy I.

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“Hi, I want to let you know that I am very impressed with your site. I like the fact that you don’t allow millers and brokers. I have had a great response to me listing and have had a lot of very nice people come to see my babies.” -Deb K.

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Matching Breeders to Cutsomers- Our unique directory puts you at the top of the list when people in your area search for breeders of your dog breed.

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