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Puppy's First Day Home

Adding a new member to the family is always a major step in our lives and when it happens to be a warm, lovely puppy it can be incredibly satisfying. You have a being that will now be in your care for many years and starting off that relationship on the right track will make everyone’s lives better and nourishing in the years ahead.

Puppy first day home
The first day with your new family member can be full of surprises! These tips will help you be ready for them, keeping puppy and you at ease and happy.

Preparing to bring a puppy into your home starts before he or she even arrives. Take a look around your house and think like a curious puppy and if possible, crawl around at their level and start looking around. Find anything that’s loose or that they could bite, eat or pick up with their mouths. It’s a good idea to get outlet covers and where possible tie up electrical cords so they aren’t dangling or lying around on the floors where they could be chewed.

Just as you would with a toddler in the house, it’s also helpful to install cabinet door latches that make it difficult for babies and puppies to nudge open a cabinet door and gain access to household cleaners or other dangerous items. If it’s around the holidays it’s also critical to make sure plants that are poisonous to our companions are well out of reach or removed from the home – these include pointsettia plants and mistletoe that can be fatal for dogs if ingested. Also, some Christmas tree ornaments (transparent ones with liquid inside) are sometimes filled with a toxic chemical.

A trip to the pet supply store or buying necessary items on-line for your puppy is also important. Some of the items you will need to have include: