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Exculsive Silver exquisite Standard Poodles. I started showing,grooming,& breeding Silver Standard Poodles in 1965. My husband and I have a small show home. Our pups are from our Dual Ring (Breed & Obedience) Show Dogs,that have been genetically screened, and raised in our home. The inbreeding COI is about 2.14%- 5%, since we have gone to a different State for most breedings, and have Imported.This type of breeding is VERY Expensive. Our girls are usually 5 yrs. old before the 1st breeding, so we know they are healthy before they are bred.  We strive for Good Confimation, Health, & Temperament. The pups are handled from birth. They recieve early neurological stimulation, housebreaking started at 2 1/2 wks.,crate trained, separation trained,Obedience started,Temperament Tested at 7wks, & well socialized. Some of our pups have gone on to earn: Championships, Herding, Hunting, Obedience,Agiltiy,Rally,Therapy Dog,Water Certificate titles,Sheep Herding,Barn Hunt, & Nose Work titles. Most become loving,devoted companions. We had a genetic advisor,do no inbreeding, and occasionally have a litter in White & Silver.  NO BLACK, Partis, or Designer Dogs !!!

Many of our pups have been shipped to families throughout the US, Canada, & Czech Republic.  Pups are Temperament Tested and placed accordingly to the lifestyle and desire of the family they are matched to.
I am a member of the Great Lakes Poodle Club of Chicago since 1977, Silver Poodle Club, and a LifeTime member of Fox Valley Dog Training Club. I have served in many capacities in the clubs I belonged to. When Certification for Groomers came about in the '80s, I became one of the first 50 to become Certified. I also design & create jewelry of pets- portrait & performance themes available. "Enameled Pups"(R) is a registered Trademark of Terr-if-ick Flair, Inc. Some of my custom jewelry can be seen on my page at:

                                               We have TWO NEW U.Champions!! And they are both working towards their U. Grand Championship, as of 5/19/19.   U.CH.Terrifick Slvr Trystine Rose RN,RI,CHIC

                                 And    U.CH.Pretti Terrifick Slvr Garnet, CHIC

                                Also Garnet has now two legs towards his Rally Novice!!!

                      Trystine  & Garnet are Proud parents of Silver Boys DOB 11/24/2020   

  The photos of the puppies are of Silver puppies,NOT BLACK PUPPIES. I do NOT raise BLACKS!!! 

It takes Silvers 3 years to clear the dark color from their coat. A newborn Silver pup will have white tuffs underneath the pads of their feet and white toenails.  At about 4wks. a gray halo will start to show around their nose. When they are clipped at about 6 wks. there will be a stark contrast of Silver on the face, feet, and base of tail and the rest of the coat will still be dark. At 8wks the toenails will have gotten pigment in them, and they will turn black.   We do not have any pups available at this time. All pups have been reserved.

If you would like to reserve a pup for a repeat breeding Aug.2021,please contact me. Best time 2-7PM Central time. 
























Jan Mysliwiec & U.RO1,AG11,CD.CH. Terrifick Silber Saphir CD,RE,MX,MXJ,OF,NAP,NJP,RL3- (Kaia) 23 titles,15 1/2 years old. We mourn the passing of Kaia 1/12/15.    Dau.-U.RO1 Terrifick N Mabe' Grey CD,RE,AX,MXJ,XF,-RL3,MX pointed.2015 now retired. Both earned over 20 titles each!!!

Leonard Conrad ,Mo. & Terrifick Sir Reginald UD.,son of Kaia, Marley's younger brother. A Big Congratulations!! A UD is a very long road to obtain.

.Diana Howland,WI. & U.RO1,ALCH. Terrifick Smokey The Bandit-CD,RN,RA,NA,NAJ,CGC,TDI. Sorry to hear of the loss of Bandit. He will now join his Dam at the Rainbow Ridge,  with   U.CH.Terrifick Kiley Kilow CDX,AX,AXJ  plus  over 20 titles Diana put on him.

Maureen Beucher & U.BIS CH.Terrifick Slvr Grey Diamonique (Mercedes) BEST IN SHOW !!!! Retired.We mourn the passing of Mercedes this year, she was 13 yrs. old.

Beth Johnston,Durham,NC., & Multiple BIS U.  SHR ,RO3,ALCH. Terrifick Guinevere of Arnette RATI,WC,OA,AXJ,OF,RE,PS2,PJ2,PG2,PK2,PR1,PD1,DAM 12/2012,OAC,OJC,TN-T,WV-N,L2-R,L2-H.L2-S,L2-J,L3-F,NW1 Newest title:Nose Work 1!!!! Earned over 50 titles.Retired.We mourn the passing of Gweenie this year, she was 13 yrs. old.

Linda Roman,Wi., & Terrifick Telluride Adventure RN,BN,brother to above pups.

Linda Frank,NJ.,Terrifick Lady Tasmine of Englewood- Certified Therapy Dog,sister to above pups.We moun the passing of Tasmine this Nov. 2020, she was 13 yrs. old.

Suzanna Burke,Albuquerque, New Mexico, & Terrifick Broudi RA,NA & Terrifick Georgia in Lure Coursing

Diana Howland,Alabama,  & U.RO1 Terrifick Shady Character,High In Trial  ; Litter brother to  Trystine Rose.

Cheryl Zuccaro,Tahoma,CA.  &  Terrifick Eva Marie in Free Style Dancing- Sister to Trystine Rose

Mary Tipping,Sellersville,PA. & Terrifick Sweet n' Sassy Petal Pink-Litter sister to Eva Marie,on her 2 legs in Rally!!

Jana Tragnerova',Czeh Republic,  &  BOJ/Best of Junior at International Dog Show in Germany- Terrifick Slvr Sapphire- Youngest sister to Trystine Rose. As of 5/31/2020- in Czech 2nd Best Female in Show of Standard Poodles.6/28/2020 Covid Showing-CAC,Club winner,2.best Standard Female exhibition.


See our Poodles in the Hoflin Poodle Museum:/Terrifick Silbar Topas TT,UD,Can.CDX; Terrifick Mid-Knight Glow TT,Am/Can.CDX; & Terrifick Ivory Tiaira TT,Am/Can.CDX

We want to Thank Linda Johnson,AU.-G'Day Standard Poodles for allowing us to have Opalton, U.CD.CH.G'Day Terrifick Slvr Huntabt CD. I wanted a Silver male to show, and he loves to show. He is my first UKC Champion. My genetic advisor,Dr.John Armstrong,Canine Diversity, had recommended his pedigree, since he had many different founders. Opalton has produced beautiful, healthy, & happy puppies like himself.
We mourn the passing of Opalton 10/6/13. He was 15 1/2 years old. We also would like to Thank Geraldine Roberston, AU.- Neiger Standard Poodles for sending us U.CH.Neiger Terrifick Tasmine' RN. Tasmine' loves to show. She has brought us much joy & happiness. And her bloodlines have expanded our American gene pool even further. Her puppies are gorgeous, healthy, & happy- Tiamond,(CHIC),12 generation COI 2.14%, Guinevere,Smokey,& Mercedes,ALL owner handler finished CHAMPIONS!!! We mourn her passing 8/16/13 at 12 1/2 years of age. She was Best Brood Bitch In Specialty, Top Producer of 4 Champions, and Grandma,OFA,VWD Clear,& CERF at 12 years of age..One of Tasmine' pups from her 1st litter of 15 years of age has passed away in 2020, and many of  her 2nd litter of 13 years of age passed away in 2020 also.   We also mourn the passing of AJZ Moondance Terrifick Tanzan RN,from Anna Eberhardt, in 2017.

We have a new bundle of joy Pretti Terrifick Slvr Garnet. Rick says he's a Gem!! We couldn't have asked for a nicer pup from a nicer breeder-Lori Gillispie. And Thank-You to Connie Hutchins for the referral.

Health Screening on ALL Terrifick Dogs: at OFA-Orthopedic Foundation of America  https://ofa.org/browse-by-breed              www.ofa.org/advanced-search?quicksearch=Terrifick






                               We have the right to refuse.
Terri & Rick Celebrated their 48 th Wedding Anniversary Dec. 23, 2020. 
Terrifick Standard Poodles 43rd  Anniversary 1978 - 2021
                                                               AKC BREEDER OF MERIT

Click an image below to enlarge.

4 wk.old Silver pup-Our Silver Angles have Halos around their nose & eyes!!
6wk.old Silver pup-Our 1st Groom
4 generations of Silver Breeding from 6 generations of Silver Breeding-Trystine, Great Grandma Platine'-14 1/2yrs.old., Pups, and Grandma Tamise' 9yrs. old.
Silver pups learning Cavaletti jumping, Our 1st outing!!
U.CH.Pretti Terrifick Slvr Garnet,CHIC
U.CH.Terrifick Slvr Trystine Rose RI,CHIC (Bibelot Tolka Silver Tango CD x U.BIS GRCH.Terrifick Slvr Tamise' RN,BN,CHIC) Reserve Winner's Bitch at the Stone City KC.
U.CD.CH.Terrifick Silber Tresor CDX, Enameled portrait memorial brooch of Kaia & Tantalate's Dam.
Our Logo girls-Can.OTCH.Mydramagic ToBe TT,CDX/Terrifick Mid-Knight Glow TT,Am/Can CDX. These are enameled brooches I created of the Granddams of our pups-