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 We Are Expecting Several Litters

We’re excited to announce we are expecting several litters of puppies. Our first litter is due on December 20th, 2019. Our next two litters are due the first and second week of January. Each Puppy is Vet checked, their dews claws removed, they’re de-wormed on 3 separate occasions and socialized daily to get them adjusted to their new life. They are also doggy door trained and microchipped. They’re socialized daily interacting with other puppies. Finally, they’re introduced to the Doggy Door at four weeks to begin training to use the doggy door. All of our puppies are trained from the start of their new life which we’ve done for ALL of our Dogs and Puppies. While raising our puppies, we work hard at eliminating barking. We have a strategy that has been very successful with training our puppies. Many of our customers will attest to that and they truly are amazed to learn how we train our puppies. We've been raising our purebred Beagles for 25 years. We've had tremendous success working with our puppies from the moment they are born. We have a technique we introduce our puppies to which helps discourage our puppies from becoming barking dogs. We start our technique from the moment they’re born and throughout the entire time they're with us right up they go to their new homes. Also, our puppies’ dispositions are extremely gentle, loving and happy. Their personalities and dispositions truly are a testament to what people love about our puppies. 

    Our prices for our Traditional Tri-Color puppies are 1,395.00. Our Chocolate/Whites,   Lemon/Whites, and Red/Whites are 1,595.00 Our VERY RARE SILVER/BLUE PUPPIES are 1,795.00. We require half down of the total amount of the purchase of your choice of puppy to secure your pick of the litter. Our Silver/Blue Litter of puppies will not be any taller than 10-11" in height normally when fully grown. Their coats are different than the traditional Beagle. They're more like the touch and feel of velvet and hardly ever shed at all. So minimal, you can hardly consider them to be shedding. CASH ONLY will be accepted as a final payment. There will be NO exceptions! This is when you come to pick your puppy up to go to their forever homes. To read additional information, please check our website at www.5StarBeagles.com

Here’s the link which explains everything; Our Adoption Process https://www.5starbeagles.com/how-it-works

A Traditional Tri-Color Litter is due December 20, 2019. These are our RARE Pocket Beagles. 

The next two litters are due the first and second week of January, '2020.


Our puppies have appeared in the Petsmart Puppy Booklet located at the checkout area of Petsmart for the past three years now. We've been lucky to have this awesome opportunity! Petsmart was impressed with their impeccable dispositions and behaviors, as well as their beautiful and fine markings. Our Older girl, "Molly" also has been featured worldwide on PetSmart’s "Authority" Brand Adult 7+ Years packaging bags for their line of Dogfood. They also have used one of our puppies from our Silver/Blue lines to be featured on their Authority Brand line of Puppy Food packaging bags also. We’ve been fortunate to have this opportunity and to do the line of work involving Beagles. It's rewarding and enjoyable. Enjoy the images of our puppies and our adult dogs! Thank you for taking the time to read about our puppies and the opportunities we've been so blessed to share with you. Our wonderful puppies! We certainly hope you will consider one of our purebred Beagles to add to your home! Thank you.

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Online advertising for PetSmart with our puppies
Molly on PetSmart's Authority Bags
Our puppies on the door of PetSmart
Image of our puppy inside PetSmart
Online advertisement for PetSmart
One of our RARE Puppies
Silver Blue Puppies