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All sold: Black and tan pups born April 2, 2024, one black and tan long haired girl available , "Topa", see picture....(full AKC, all rights, $1800).

Pups are usually reserved within about 12 hours from the email going out when they are 2 weeks old. Appointments made with those who answer the announcement emails first.  To get the mailing - see the questions below and copy/paste/answer/email us them.  Once you see the pups, play with them and choose one, make a $100 deposit when 3-4 weeks old, come and visit as often as you like and pick up at 8-9 weeks old. All litters are AKC registered. Price of pups are dependent on expenses - we sell at a loss because it costs about $2000 to raise a pup ($igh.), and to have the registration transferred to you (ALL fees included) . We give you a lot of stuff too, food, wee wee pads, 200 pages of ebooks, and much more.

* All pups have 3 sets of vaccines by 8 weeks, regularly wormed at 2,4, 6,8 weeks (pyrantel pamoate), and vet checked at 8 weeks. Pups go home after the vet visit.

* All litters and pups registered with the AKC, and price includes the AKC transfer to you + 3 gen pedigree (but our line goes back about 100 years)

* Pups are weewee pad trained; individually crate trained (yes, we teach them to be dry and quiet for 4 hours, we practice first with 5 minutes, working to 30, then 4 hours, while I nap/work/make calls), and know "come" and "no" (the universal 'stop what you are doing' command).

* You get a puppy bag of food, wee wee pads, the "go here" scent we use, grooming kit, instructions, medical papers (vaccines etc), 200+ pages of eBook advice, and a lot of sage advice from us. Expect information overload.

We want to be the standard by which you measure all the breeders you meet in your search for a pup. 

To get on the early birth announcement emailing look below, find  "--- Begin Questions --- ", below and copy/paste/answer the questions (do not attach document files, they disappear or can't be opened in my email system)  via email to [email protected]. The AKC requires we know this information (see their site akc.org) for potential customers. We have never, ever, shared customer information.

Previous prices were, and still are, posted at facebook.com/doxiefunprices, a public announcement page anyone can go to. This is a public web page available to you like schools, hospitals, police, churches all have.

"Doxiefun" is the AKC prefix name of all the registered dachshunds owned by J. Scott, owner of Licensed  (to Janine Scott) Kennel in Clarke County Virginia.  All litters are registered with the AKC, all of our dogs have registered ancestors going back over 100 years with the AKC. All dogs and pups are sold with full AKC registration, not limited in any way, no  exceptions. No games.

NOTE: we only have smooth and long haired, reds, black and tans, and brindles; We do not have any other colors, we do not carry wirehaired, dapple, cream or piebald genes , all are minis and under 15 pounds, occasionally a small standard is produced. See doxiefun.com and facebook.com/doxiefun and facebook.com/doxiefunprices, for more information and see our past posts - these are public pages so you don't have to "do facebook", they are informative pages only. If you follow us, we promise you will never get political, religious, personal pings - just the facts about puppy litters born.

Black and Tan smooth mini male stud - born 11/11/2020 available for sale as a stud for breeders, only :  full AKC, carries the  recessive long haired gene. He is 8.7 pounds.

Most folks ask to be put on a wait list -  we don't have a wait list anymore.(Means over 2000 folks have asked to be on our list or to keep them on the list, but we do not have a list, we cannot maintain a list). But we can email you when a litter is born. Find the questions below, answer them, email us and get the birth announcement.

The AKC requires we get to know prospective owners.  Answer the questions below, suggested by the AKC that we ask, and email me your answers to [email protected], but , check to see when we will have pups, we may have them at your time reading this or we might not have any for 6 or more months. Please call or email.

We provide a lot of information about us below --- keep reading.

About us: Doxiefun exclusively breeds Dachshund puppies for sale. We have owned the parents, grandparents - and you will meet them, they are not caged, hang around the couches and beds, as a dachshund should. Most are minis but right now our main Red stud is a tweenie, so we are getting more tweenies. We have no other animals to care for because the dachshunds have demanded our entire attention. The latest demands for treats, new toys to shred, and scratching them in their favorite places, has taken all of our time.

Prices: For pictures and prices see  facebook.com/doxiefun (pix)  and facebook.com/doxiefunprices (prices).  These are public pages available to anyone on the Internet, so, "yes you can" go there even if you do not "do Facebook". 

Location: We are in Northern Virginia, Berryville. Formerly of Chantilly, Virginia (Fairfax county). We serve NoVa - Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia. Summers in Michigan, Lapeer County (North Branch).

* We need to know about you and your needs and experiences - so we have a form to fill out below, so we can help place a pup with you.

* You must email us and answer the questions BELOW, to get on the email list, which is currently long. Although the emailing list long...in reality the dropout rate has been 90% in the past (the lockdown might be different--: sticker shock/life changes/mind changes/etc.) see facebook.com/doxiefunprices for prices; answer these questions, copy the text, below paste & answer, would be great, and email to [email protected]; that will help us to understand your needs and possibly place a puppy with you:

---Begin Questions ---We suggest that you copy/paste the questions (include the questions) and answer them in your email to [email protected]. Even if you talked to me by phone, I can't type as I'm cleaning/caring for the dachshunds with my headset on - so, please re-answer if we chatted. And, if we chatted remind me who you are:

Tip: chances are 90%+ that you will get an appointment if you contact us again near the time a litter is born or keep in touch with us every 2-3 months,   to let us know you are still interested, this improves chances you will get a pup.

1) Where are you located?
2) What coat type: long hair or smooth (short) hair?
3) Boy? Girl? preference?
4) What color: red, mahogany, black and tan, mahogany on mahogany brindle?
5) How important is size? 8-10 lbs, 11-14, 15+ pounds?
6) What is your experience with dachshunds?
7) Does your apartment, townhouse community, condominium allow dogs?
8) How many people are in your household, and how many can help care for a dog, and how many cannot care for a dog?
Is everyone on-board having a dog?
Note: please note we will screen for kids pestering their parents for a dog, and we believe it is never the kid's responsibility to care for an animal - and we will tell them so if they ever come here. We have, all too often, seen parents punish the children by giving away the dog because the kids couldn't handle the responsibility to the parent's satisfaction. Also, when one of the partnership really wanted a dachshund and the other didn't...don't let disasters happen to your relationships.
9) How many dogs and cats do you currently have and their ages, or other pets?
10) Have you, yourself, ever potty trained a dachshund (not other breeds) puppy?
11) How long (list weeks/days/years) do you think it takes to potty train/housebreak a dachshund?
12) Are you on other wait lists? a pup may come available soon or not for a year, at Doxiefun
13) How will you contain the pup indoors? crate, pen? What color is your carpeting?  Do you have expensive or valuable rugs?
Note: if you are not familiar with dachshunds, these questions will ring true: dachshunds pee on carpets, need crates for potty training etc.
14) Describe your outside area for the dog:
Can you mow the grass low for a smooth dachshund?
15) Your phone number, plus any other email address you might use, so we can call/contact you:
(Also, let us know if you have a land line, so we don't try to text you)

--End Questions--
Yes, we really take these questions and your answers seriously. So, here are some tips:

*  We do not ship, so if you are a great distance, reconsider the risks of traveling by car or plane, especially during the lockdown.

*  We are required by the AKC to be sure that a hunting class dachshund will fit  in and be able to be handled properly by a human family. All our pups are AKC registered, tracked for life, and AKC REQUIRES we know where the pup lives (location). AKC suggests we interview potential owners with the above questions taken from their website. Dachshunds are cute but not a breed for everyone. They are notoriously difficult to potty train, and if you are a meticulous housekeeper, a poodle or sheltie might be the dog for you. Even if you had a well trained and housebroken dachshund before, 80% of dachshunds take up to a year to house break.

* Dachshunds are a breed that is really cute and everyone loves Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund and LouLou and they are so cute (and we think so too! we are devoted fans!) that you have to have one. But, be aware that so many people find dachshunds so difficult, that there is a dachshund rescue group in most states.  Do not underestimate the noise, destruction, trouble, and barking, and devious behaviors of this breed. Read thoroughly the writeup below, and have a heart to heart talk with someone who owned and trained a dachshund. Although we believe our dogs are really perfect, dachshunds are not a breed for everyone.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ More About Us (below) P R I C E S   AND  P I X  AND MORE DETAILS ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Follow us on facebook.com/doxiefun prices at facebook.com/doxiefunprices; this is a public page, so be careful about posting; the whole planet can see your posts, contact us via messenger, email, or phone - click the links to contact or phone the breeder. We ban bad social networking behavior, which we are so sorry to have to report.

Current litter price which includes - 3 sets of shots = 15 vaccines DHPPCvA + 2 strains of bordatella, worming alternating  with BOTH fenbendazol + pyrantel pamoate + at 8 weeks Frontline Plus; PLUS 2 weeks of food, wee wee pads, bottle of scent they are trained to go potty to; stop chew spray, collar/bandana + set of 4 Doxiefun books totaling over 200 pages of eBook (pdf format so fits on Droid, iPhones, All tablets & readers and Mac & PCs.). See facebook.com/doxiefunprices for prices, this is a public page so anyone on the planet can go there.  

We aren't a puppy mill, "we" are just mom & pop paying taxes on a very serious "hobby"; we don't give a dog to just anyone, we are required by the AKC to qualify people and track them for the life of the dog. We will discuss with you if this is a good time to have a puppy.  It is almost impossible to go through all 500 requests we get every year - so even if you fill out the questions, we still might not be able to sell you a pup - since we are small breeders, we cannot produce enough. We will not ship, but prefer to sell locally. Pups sold first come, first serve. However, if you get an appointment to see a pup, it will be here for you to put a deposit on.  This we promise. You may ask even more questions, including:

We are www.doxiefun.com, but breeders.net hosts our web page.

Table of Contents
Preface - Why (or Why not...)  a dachshund?
Section 1 - About us  -- contact us and address/phone
Section 2 - Litter availability
Section 3 - Rescues and Adoptions (none avail)
Section 4 - Our program: reserving a pup, our training programs, stuff we give you, etc.
Section 5 - About our Pairs
Section 6 - About our Studs
Section 7 - Don't have what you need? Other Breeders

Section 8 Picking out a pup and asking questions
Section 9 - the Warranty

NOTE:NO!!! Dachshunds are not stubborn and impossible to potty train. THEY ARE DIFFERENT AND HAVE DIFFERENT BRAIN STRUCTURES AND THINK DIFFERENTLY THAN OTHER BREEDS OF DOGS...read why...below 


1) YOU DO NOT WANT TO TAKE THE DOG TO PUPPY CLASSES - Dachshunds were bred to be extremely intelligent to hunt independently from humans.  You are stupid (the dachshunds mean that in a nice way).  You need to be trained. The classes are for YOU, not the dog  ("dummy! don't you know anything?" um, just quoting the dachshunds there, we humans know you are smart, cuz you are reading this).  Classes will educate you and rehabilitate your dog from the idiotic things you have taught him. Like, how he is the cutest dog in the world. They will own you. Resist buying that "cute" outfit, or "he'll die if he doesn't have that toy"...cut up the credit cards. Wait...this was about classes.

2) IF YOU MUST LEAVE THEM 10-12 HOURS A DAY ALONE: there will be a brown package waiting for you when you get home...they "figure out" how to "get comfortable". Don't get a dachshund if you don't want a "comfortable" dog. Dachshunds have been scientifically proven to be the most comfortable of all dog breeds.  We can't quote the exact publication of that research, however. 

By the way, all dachshunds we have owned or rescued (so it is not just our dachshunds) have between 4 and 8 bowel movements a day, and, while you are gone will "go off" and begin barking ferociously at any noise (thunder, doorbell, knocking, neighbors talking outside, kids playing outside), and are able to smell what is going outside 500,000 to a million times better than humans - a squirrel on the porch, kids retrieving a ball from your lawn: after barking for a few minutes they need to drink water as their throats hurt, and then, well ... water will trigger peristalsis (look it up) and kidney stimulation, and will have to pee and poop.  You won't be there, unless you have cameras to see how they are guarding the place.  I have lived within a few houses of a state prison in Michigan and was the only person on the block who never had the escaped prisoners steal anything from - everyone agreed that it was the dogs that kept them away.  So, property activity, weather, earthquakes, trucks rumbling by, talking/activity outside are triggers for dachshunds to pee and poop in your house. 

3) You think crates are "unkind": dachshund pups need to sleep in a crate next to your bed until YOU learn to listen to them when they have to "go". We provide crates wholesale prices.

Note that dachshunds generally need to have at least 2 bowel movements in the morning and 2 in the evening.  So, in the morning, after one bowel movement - and you give them a reward treat, that treat will trigger more peristalsis and another bowel movement in about 20 minutes to an hour

*** Dachshunds, even adults,  need to go potty about every 2-4 hours: keep them in a pen, or crate, or room without carpeting. Crates to a dachshund are a den, not a jail.  Don't plan on keeping the dachshund in a crate for more than 4 hours.  The Doxiefun Enforcement Brigade does not look favorably on folks who keep dachshunds in crates all day.


6) You DO NOT WANT YOUR DOG ACTING LIKE A CAT AND BRINGING YOU MICE.  Get over being a vegan. Dogs eat mice and think you are weird when you freak out just because they, like... bring you some headless fresh meat. You can eat the tail. At least pretend you like it and thereby, score some points with the dog. Get with the program.

7) You have to pick up and carry the dog everywhere.  Dog's feet belong on the floor.  Not dangling from your arms.  If you pick them up all the time they will pee on you.  It's a dachshund thing. Don't get them excited or riled either.  They'll pee on you again. Be sure to tell them "good boy/girl" when they go potty!  That will teach the dog to pee every time you say "good boy".  This will will come in particularly handy when your mother-in-law says "oh what a good dog!", and they'll pee on her too.

NOTE: We think males are more fun and easier to house break if neutered

More on Why You Can't Live Without a Dachshund:


HOME SECURITY : Retired policeman, Sgt. Lou Bonacich, our dachshund partner, says "I've never answered a robbery call in which there was a dachshund in the house".  In fact, he took "Bud" - all of 9 pounds, on patrol with him.  Scared the tar out of the bad guys.  Ask Lou for stories.  Dachshunds provide for a secure home.  Put bells on the doors and windows.  The slightest sound will alert the dachshund to investigate. Add signs "For removal of your ankles, enter here" or "Death from the Ankles Down!" on the doors.

Section 1 - About Us

Licensed Kennel #5 (2017) Clarke Cnty, Va, you meet mom & dad dogs, owned by a Biologist and Teacher, come y'all dachshund lovers! We love dachshunds!! We are a small breeder where the dogs live in the house --sofa, under blankets, bedrooms... in a typical, natural, dachshund habitat. Whilst some evolutionists believe dogs and wolves descend from a common wolf like ancestor, we think science will eventually prove our dachshunds evolved directly from a common couch.
Call Janine at 703-307-7829 or email [email protected] or text me at [email protected]

Locations: we also have pups in Berryville, Va. 703-307-7829
- meet both parents
- you will be provided medical records and  full, unlimited, unrestricted, AKC papers
- we give you a lot of stuff (food, measuring cup, potty spray, stop chew spray, plus much much more)
- we give you a lot of advice, and you can continue emailing us with questions, our eBook is so cheap, it's almost free.
- our dachshunds are not caged (unless jail time is warranted) but in the house fairly loose, but not so loose it's total anarchy. OK, maybe there is some anarchy. Generally, the cages are used to put their toys in and we ration the toys out, lest Dr. Dachshund performs a fluff-ectomy or squeaker-ectomy on said toys. Toy hoarding has also been known to produce spirited discussions between toy collecting rivals.
- we refuse to say anything [bad] about fellow breeders. See Section 3.

- our dachshunds help us with the house work, they make sure there is no food on the floor, not a crumb, pre-wash all the dishes, dishes already in the dishwasher are double checked for missed particles, and they make sure their tails wag at the height of all of our dust. - to spread it out evenly
Section 2 - Litter Availability
    Click here: http://www.breeders.net/search.php?action=search&doglist_id=88&zipcode=20151

    Main breeders.net listing page for "Dachshunds" and zip 20151 - our listing is first and has current litters 

Section 3 -Rescues
None Available.

If you cannot take care of your dachshund anymore, we will post their picture here and try to help you find a home.  For extreme emergencies we can take the pup/dog back but you must call us, as we travel and could be out of town.  But we will help you find a new home, even if we are not available.

Section 4 - Our program: reserving a pup, our training programs, stuff we give you, etc

Why Reserve a Puppy?

Puppies are only reserved for $100 after you see the puppy, and the parents give you the sniff of approval.
When you reserve a puppy you get to watch it grow up and you join our human training program. Yes, humans need to be trained on how to work with a dachshund. We believe the main reason for this is that dachshunds are way too cute. Because of this, they learn quickly to take advantage of unsuspecting new dog-parents. This could lead to a lifetime of bad habits like forcing you into expensive shopping trips to buy them even cuter clothes, expensive stuff, and misleading expenditures into unnecessary squeek toys and treats.

Tip: Should you already be caught in the snares of this uncontrolled behavior, caused by a dachshund, and cannot help yourself, we recommend dollar stores and thrift/charitable shops to obtain stuff for your dog as well as shopping only with a specified amount of cash - cut up the credit cards. The costs can add up.

- If you purchase from our main home (Janine's) most are well crate trained by the time they leave us... each puppy is individually crate trained (next to our beds at night),
- If you purchase from another Breeder, who used one of our studs, they might not have the same program with their puppies.
- Janine provides at no cost to you many items for your pups such as their food (2-3 weeks supply), wee wee pads,potty training scent, and much more
- Janine pre-trains to the best ability for 8 week old pups. These are from our stud ET or Morty and moms: Maggie, Molly, Mira, and Sara: Maggie/ET parents shown on the trampoline in the pictures on the right.


Our puppies are shown in Chantilly, Virginia - right near the Dulles Airport; or Berryville, Va - near Winchester; and the females with young pups are in Berryville, Va - near Winchester. Our Berryville location is a 1.5 acre "country estate" (125 year old run-down, crummy old farm house, but the doxies love it, the air is clear and water delicious). We sell only our own pups and own both the mothers and fathers.

Our dogs are not caged nor crated.  Cages and crates hold their toys, normally: we have to ration them out and protect the toy investment.

All of our dogs are "crate trained": this means the dog or pup is able to stay in a crate for the night or for travel without serious whining/crying/howling/barking and hopefully they are also dry.  Only for training, travel, cleaning (c'mon, we have to clean the house sometimes! and don't need a posse following us around) purposes, are the dogs crated. 

You'll meet the whole canine-clan. Although we are licensed kennel #3, Clarke county Virginia, all dachshunds are pets - they lounge on the couch with us, manage to burrow under the blankets at night, and are generally pretty spoiled, but when necessary, are professional dogs.

Ask us about our Pre-Training program - our puppies are crate trained and we provide: a bale of wee wee pads, scent for the pads, stop chew spray, a CRATE, (at whole sale prices) 5 lbs of their food, and technical support - all free!
- Plus, we may have pens available also at rock bottom prices.
- Everything you need for a quiet dry puppy.
- We even have them practice, with our supervision, a couple of nights alone to be sure they are ready to go.
- Generally, they know "come", "no", and are crate trained at 8 weeks.
- Crate trained does not mean house broken, but it's a step in the right direction.
- Crate trained means they can stay quiet (fairly) and dry for 2-4 hours in a crate at 8 weeks. We cannot sell a pup to a situation where they will be crated all day. That's not the purpose of crate training.

We provide many items and personalized training when you pick up your puppy - so expect to spend an hour or two with us. These, and many more reasons, are why we sell at 8 weeks. You may reserve your pup and visit them at any age.

Puppies have shots at 6 and 8 weeks:
- Interject Bordatella (kennel cough) 3 in 1 and
- Galaxy 6 in 1 (distemper, crono, parvo etc),.

Section 5 - About our Pairs


Mira and Morty: both red, smooth hair, minis, produce only short haired pups either red or black and tan. Some with blazes on their chests.

Leia and Bindi (brindle females) with Morty:
Leia – smaller, long hair

Bindi – larger, short hair

We can see and understand the pup's personalities and sizes by the time they are 2 weeks old and are better than 75% accurate at predicting personalities and sizes, so feel free to ask us about personalities/sizes.

You may reserve a puppy - after they open their eyes - when they are young for $100, non-refundable fee. Then the rest of the price is due when you pick them up. We don't take reservation money until you see, hold, and understand the pup. You can come on weekends to visit your reserved pup - this is a really fun time when you learn about the pup, see them grow, interact with the parents

All puppies will be sold/go home when they are 8 weeks old, with the exception of teacups which need to be 2.8 lbs before leaving - which may be 9-12 weeks old, as we feel they are too small.

We do not breed for these tiny teacup dogs, but we get them periodically because of our genetics. They will be 7-7.8 lbs as adults, are typically female, satanically smart, can climb very well because of their weight, and tend to be sharp/quick/ but remarkably submissive. All known teacups of ours hunt mice very well, as do all of our adult dogs.

We also have 1 in 10 pups being greater than 13 lbs, and some going to 18 to 20 lbs. We know when a pup is 12 weeks old the adult size.

Parents are very intelligent and well behaved, and both are available for you to see. Our male and females are unrelated.

Section 6 - About our Studs
Notes about breeding to our dogs:
1) we can help you market your dogs- we will send all of our business to you: everyone who has bred to our dogs sold all the pups without advertising! So far everyone who has bred to our dogs has not paid for advertising, as we send so much business their way, they have sold all of their puppies.
2) your female must be AKC registered
3) you should know about your dog - colors and personalities of the grand parent dogs, number of pups in the female's litter.
4) the female needs a clean bill of health - current on shots, no brucellosis.
5) you need to know the exact day she came into heat and the point she is in.
6) she should be, preferable at her 3rd heat - we normally don't breed them at their first or 2nd heat.
tip: we travel a lot, so unless you give us plenty of time - several months notice that you want to breed to us, chances are we won't be in town when your female comes into heat.
Stud #1 - $500 stud fee for Morty: females must be AKC registered. Morty is a clear red short hair (dominant), and carries genes for black and tan, blonde, shaded red, mahogany, and long hair. He was born in a litter of 5, all his litters have been 4-6 puppies. Has 100% pregnancy rate for first time females (virgins). Breeds quickly (wam bam thank you ma'am, leaves a biscuit on the pillow) and is very good natured. Folks like "taking him" for a week or two - and keeping him with their female during the breeding process. He's pretty quiet, mellow. Morty is 9 lbs, varies between 8.8 and 10.5 (depending on how "busy" he is. Uniformly Morty's puppies are way too cute.
Fun fact: Morty was named after the character "Muerte"  (we're fans of Stanly Tucci) in the movie comedy Undercover Blues. Rent it today and you will see why we call him "Morty". Unlike the hilarious Muerte character, our Morty is sweet and no trouble at all., like the "Muerte" character he makes us laugh.

Stud #2 - ET - black and tan short hair - forces all puppies to be short hair. You will have no long haired puppies from this sire. Black and tan is recessive coloring. He has the recessive long arched Roman Nose - which is passed only if the female also carries the gene or has a longer nose herself. He is show quality. $600 stud fee. Has a 50% pregnancy rate for first timers. Spends way too much time courting the females, bringing them toys, dancing around trying to impress them. Barks at strangers but knows the "quiet" command very well - has a deep bass voice - which he passes to his male pups (so they sound like larger dogs). ET is 11.6 lbs and varies between 11 and 15 lbs.
Fun Fact: ET won reserve champion, finishing second place in the hound group, in his first (and so far only) AKC official show. Litter sizes are 2-5. He was born in a litter of 4.

All stud fees are returned if the female does not demonstrate pregnancy within 65 days. We do simple stud fees (no requests for puppies). Females must be AKC registered to advertise on our site. Generally, since we are pretty small - we don't have room for the breeding process, so Morty (the stud usually picked out) goes on Holiday to your place.

Section 7 - Don't have what you need? Other Breeders
Also, try www.akc.org or http://marketplace.akc.org/puppies 
This will show you purebred dogs recently born and registered by AKC breeders - and the search feature is very good.
Section 8 Picking out a pup and asking questions:
- When you pick out a pup ask to see at least one of the parents. Something is really wrong if they don't even have the mother. Both parents is best, pictures are really good too.
- Make sure the breeder has already ordered the papers. If they don't have papers they may be either disorganized, unsure of the parents (dad?), have unregistered dogs, or might be banned from the AKC. I have had breeders "promise" me papers, then never sent them, but in fact, they never ordered them. If they say they've ordered them, if it was done online - you can get the litter registration number from the confirmation email. (You can also determine the registration numbers of each puppy too - as 01-20 will be added to the litter number)
- get some of the same food the pups have eaten
- watch the pups at feeding time - ask them to feed them when you watch - they usually have bowel movements right after and you can see if they have...uh..."issues"
- always ask to have their WORMING record as well as shot records. Ask what type of worm meds they use and ask if they will give you a dose and when the next dose is due. Remember, dogs need worm medication a lot more than we do because they lick their feet and eat stuff ... we wouldn't even think of. So, they really pick critters up.
- always ask about the health of the parents - back problems? eye, ear, leg (knees) ? how old did the grand parents live to?
- make sure the parents get heartworm
- ask as many questions as you can think of

- ask to see the pedigree papers, this is simply the family tree, all breeders should have them.  If the breeder begins to give you excuses: I don't have them right now, but can get them; or they are put away/filed away; or we will send them to you (they will NOT). Run! these breeders are either disorganized or pulling the wool over your eyes.

TIP: If you want a pup in the summer and you travel or stay in an area for the summer (or winter, depending on your usual travel plans), try typing a zipcode in breeders.net in that area - that way, when you travel you might have time to visit breeders and maybe pick out a pup in a different location where you live. Remember: when you travel, be sure to account for the heat and never leave a dog in the car - more tips below.

Section 9 -  Warranties - very important to read this!
I really haven't found a good warranty. I've seen some that "guarantee" against genetic disorders, and a slew of things of which, I know personally are absolutely impossible to "guarantee" against unless the entire dog genome has been mapped against their dog's genetic structure. Um...so...no. We don't offer a "warranty". However, we know as scientific fact that most geneticists would not disagree that our dogs carry the genes for:
- barking at strangers
- howling when the public sirens go off Saturday at noon, and the occasional fire truck passing the house
- dominant genetic traits appear in all our dogs to rip the living daylights out of stuffed toys
- an incompletely dominant trait for both doing stupid, as well as smart things.
- dominant gene (chromosome unknown) which exacerbates genetically the ability to manipulate human beings.
- a dominant olfactory disorder attracting them to garbage, and the corresponding gene to throw up
- all genes necessary to kill mice (we think this could be traced to an ancient cat-like ancestor - and think archaeologists have probably misinterpreted some of those Egyptian hieroglyphics, and they were worshiping dachshunds, not cats. Ask for movies - "Indiana Jones and the Lost Dachshund" or the "Mummy 5 - Return of the Dachshund", chalk it up to ignorance if the clerk at the video store looks at you weird... then, sputter and say "I mean the Ugly Dachshund?" with Suzanne Pleshette and Dean Jones, Note that the "Ugly Dachshund" is one of the more accurate dachumentaries on the dachshund breed
- and most important of all they carry genetically: the ability to love you unconditionally. Hmmm, we might rephrase even this - they love food unconditionally, and if you have it, THEN they love you unconditionally.
For a full description of what you are up against with the dachshund breed, we suggest you  beef up by reading:
* Dachshunds for Dummies (one of the better "Dummies" series books)
* Barron's Dachshund Encyclopedia (or some such name)

Therefore, our dogs are warrantied against any genetic defect that would prevent them from displaying any of the above traits...and only if you followed the above instruction manuals (listed above) and replay the scenes in "The Ugly Dachshund" where the pups trash the room - actually, replay several times, so as to become desensitized to chaos. We are not responsible for misuse of equipment.
                                       *** That's our story on warranties and we are sticking to it. ***
Oh yeah, we have had no back problems, eye, ear, leg/KNEE/joint deformities in the parents of the puppies: we think our dogs are perfect, but know they all have their "faults"... but none appear to be genetically lethal nor do they affect the health and longevity of your dog. We keep in contact with most folks who have purchased our pups and none have reported any genetic or health issues with the pups. We breed our dogs for longevity and all our own dogs have lived to a ripe old age or are still alive (gramma dog (mother or grandmother of all of our dogs) is our current oldest at a very very young 13.)

We will talk to you about vitamins and food necessary to keep their backs strong, joints well, and exercise techniques for your dachshund so it might have the longest life.

We love every single one of our dogs.  They have no issues using us for their own, devious, purposes.

All of them  have "professionally" slept in beds with selected human victims, most likely one that has been especially been schmoozed, by said dachshund, for that day.

Travel Tips:
-if you travel by car, consider a z-fold fence (see dog.com and type "pens"), and a beach umbrella (like from Costco or Sam's - good prices), and a chair - that way a family member can read on the chair while letting the dog pad around the pen, the dog has a nice little pen, and both have some shade. One family member can watch the dog (and sew, read, strum the guitar, write postcards etc) whilst the others do chores (or whatever). Zfold pen=$50, umbrella=$20, Chair = $20, worth it to save your dog.
-If a fan is needed - Home Depot has the battery powered Ryobi fan - which runs on the 18 V rechargeable batteries and works with a great hand vac, spot lights - great vacation items to carry with you anyways.
-We also travel by night - it is much easier and cooler for the dogs - if you have to take a nap - it is still cooler in the summer, and much much less traffic. We routinely travel with 8 dogs 1600 mile trips 4 times a year - and folks are surprised how this tip has changed their lives.
-we buy cages  and zfold pens at dog.com when they are on sale. The 24 inch highs are good for pups, but we've never had a doxie get over the 30 or 36 inch z-folds.

Miniature dachshund pups:  PUPPIES! : in Washington DC area, Northern Virginia ( NoVa), Loudoun, Fairfax, Clarke counties, Alexandria, Arlington, Chantilly , Winchester

When you buy a puppy from us you receive FREE lifetime Technical Support!

Mini Dachshund fun facts: Best spelling we have seen yet: Doxun ! others are doxie dachshie doxy doxie; dachshunds were bred as hunting dogs and to provide warmth to their hunting masters during long cold nights outdoors. Mini dachshunds were bred down in size to get small prey, like mice and rats, and to get into smaller areas.

Search engine: dachshund puppy puppies for adoption ( for sale) AKC purebred , sometimes we have rescues 

dachshund puppies puppy for sale



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Topa - Born April 2, 2024 AVAILABLE
Belle - sold, but this is a good representation of a BRINDLE - spotted dachshund!
Sold: Mag's pups born Oct 8 2022
Sold: Leia's pups born Oct 24 2022
Molly-Dash sold long haired red, others available