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Please email direct for application, using address at the bottom of the page. Don't use email icon.

We are located on a small hay and timber farm in the mountains of N.E. Washington State. Our puppies are raised in our home with family, pets and visitors etc. We breed for temperament, health and quality, averaging one or two litters a year.

Our dog interests include earthdog, and showing in conformation and obedience, but we have found our Border Terriers to be enthusiastic participants in all our activities, including "helping" with chores and gardening and playing frisbee, hiking and exploring for critters and other interesting stuff around the farm. Borders are easily trained to respect livestock and poultry and ours have been very compatible throughout the years with our larger "ranch dogs" including Dobermans, German Shepherd Dogs and assorted herding dogs. After a busy day we appreciate that they are affectionate, calm house dogs.

The Border Terrier is an adaptable breed and does well in all sorts of family situations. They are versatile and capable dogs for many activities, but their #1 job is always companion, so we feel it is very important to match the right puppy to each family.

In breeding our dogs, we focus on health, temperament, and correct structure then add LOTS of socializing for well rounded puppies.  We offer support on training, nutrition, grooming and all other aspects of Border Terrier care for the life of the dog. Mentoring for show or other dog sports is also available.

 We follow the breeder guidelines of the Border Terrier Club of America in partnership with Canine Health Information Center (CHIC). All our Borders are screened before breeding for healthy hips, patellae (knees), eyes, and heart. Clearances are posted with the health registries CHIC and OFA/CERF and are accessible for public view.

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals - www.offa.org/
Sample page - www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1298137#animal

 Please be an informed buyer - ask for verification of health certification on parents of ANY puppy you are considering, ANY breed. Give us a call, email, or visit. We love to talk dogs!


Jennifer Smith

Kittle-Bee Border Terriers
AKC Breeder Of Merit

Member - Border Terrier Club of America, Border Terrier Club of Puget Sound,
Member/Instructor - Lilac City Dog Training Club - Spokane, Washington
[email protected]

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Peat 9 wks, Grandma 13 years
Maisie and her boys
Puppies in the playpen
Ch. Kittle-Bee Summer Run in her Below Zero Suit
Grand Champion Zoe
Eli 8 months
Kittle-Bee Blue Blazes
Grand Champion Kittle-Bee Hey Mister