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We raise our puppies using some of the methods of Puppy Culture. I highly recommend new puppy owners, regardless of where you get your puppy or how old your puppy/adult is, invest in Puppy Culture. I highly recommend the DVD "Puppy Culture - The Powerful First 12 Weeks". This will show you how we raise our puppies plus it has great training methods for puppies and dogs at any age. I also highly recommend the DVD "Attention Is The Mother Of All Behaviors". You can find them and more at the link http://shoppuppyculture.com, it is a great puppy behavior resource. 


We have so many great dogs in our pedigrees, a few of them famous but the real treasures were the ones that helped to produce those famous dogs. The ones whose descendents continue to produce some really wonderful & fabulous Papillons for the show ring, agility, obedience, rally, your couch and occationally a service dogs. Lets not forget the ones that give us the hope of one day producing our own famous dog. I would like to give a huge THANKS to all the great kennels that helped to make the great bloodlines that I have the pleasure of working with and furthering in this great endeavor.


ONE OF THE BEST ARTICLE I HAVE READ, please visit the link


PERSONAL OPINION:   Requiring deposits on puppies not yet born or requiring a deposit to be placed on a waiting list is, in my opinion, unethical. Tying up a family's hopes and a financial obligation on a possibility is wrong. Anything can happen in breeding dogs, deposits should not be required until puppies are on the ground. The use of a waiting list should be more than sufficient for a breeder requiring homes prior to doing a breeding.




Insprired by reading ridiculous ads placed by uneducated "breeders"

BEWARE of breeders that can't even spell PAPILLON!!!!!

BEWARE of anyone selling a "show prospect" that is not at least 8 wks old. An initial evaluation can't really begin until 8 wks. No responsible Show Breeder would ever claim they can tell the potential of a puppy any younger then that. That is usually the earliest we evaluate a puppy on whether it has a good possibility of being a show prospect. Or that is NOT a show breeder/exhibitor unless they can show numerous AKC Champions they have bred

BEWARE of anyone selling "teacup", "mini", or "toy" Papillons, there are no such breeds. Papillons come in a variety of sizes, the standard being 8-11 inches at the shoulders. However, sometimes they can be smaller or larger then the standard.

BEWARE of anyone claiming they are selling a "RARE" color. Papillons come in a wide variety of colors, none of which are rare. Please be aware that Papillons are not supposed to be almost all white or totally white. Papillons are also, per the standard, not supposed to have a liver colored nose. This is not a "rare" Papillon but just a Papillon that does not meet the standard.

BEWARE of anyone that doesn't know what color they are selling.  Like someone selling a Red Sable & White as a Tri Color.  A Red Sable & White is like Jazz with slight black tipping and Mark with significant black tipping.  A Red Sable & White is any shade of lemon, tan, red or brown from champagne blonde to dark mahogany with any amount of black tipping.  Sable is just the black tipping. If they have NO Sabling (black tips) then they are a Red & White.  Buffy is a straight Red & White.  A Classic Tri Color is like Falcon and Flash, has any shade of lemon, tan, red or brown eye brows, cheek spots, inside ear and most times behind tail with all other body color being black to the root.  A Hound Tri Color is like Boo, has any shade of lemon, tan, red, or brown marking on the head covering more than in a Classic Tri with the body spots black to the root.

BEWARE of anyone selling a puppy with "UNIQUE" markings, a mis-mark.  A mis-mark is a puppy whose color doesn't cover both ears front & back and exstend down and around both eyes. A Mis-Mark does not meet the AKC Breed Standard of a Papillon. All breeders have produced them on occasion but a responsible breeder does not misrepresent them as "UNIQUE".


Inspired by something that happened to people before they got a puppy from me

"50% off Puppy Sale" - No responsible/reputable breeders would advertise this way.

"Testimonial Photos" - Do a reverse google search on those photos. 

"No address/location" - A responsible breeder won't hide their location.

"Talk about Best In Show winners etc" - But no registered names or awards shown.

"Pedigree Brags" - You should know the full registered name and they should be able to send you to an independent source to look them up.

"Puppies availabe" - Puppies birthdate not given just the age which changes daily.

"No Photos of Parents" - Very standard to show pics of the parents.

"Only Accepting Bitcoin" or asking for Gift Cards - Accepting bitcoin isn't the issue but accepting nothing else is not a breeder. No responsible breeder will as for gift cards  

Do your research.  Remember just because nothing bad was found isn't always a good thing, especially if nothing was found at all.  This should be a RED FLAG


I have been showing AKC Papillons since 2006 and have been raising Papillons since 2004. Papillons are the only breed we raise. I am a small show breeder, breeding for health, temperament, and conformation for the betterment of the breed. Endeavoring to produce excellence in show Papillons but with this endeavor we produce some very beautiful pets. Our bloodlines are American & European Champion lines. We sell high quality show prospects on occasion to approved homes and also some wonderful pet puppies. All of our puppies are born & raised in our home, raised around a variety of people, cats and obviously other dogs. Puppies start their lives in my bed room and graduate to the living room with all the hustle & bustle of our family. With the continuous flow of my family and family friends allowing for lots of socializing. All puppies are litterbox trained, with recycled paper or walnut shell pellets, starting at 3 to 4 weeks old. This does not mean that they will not need house training.

We produce puppies for the purpose of creating future show dogs, but with this endeavor we also produce very nice pet puppies. Please keep in mind the difference between a show potential puppy and a pet puppy can come down to something as simple as their top line, tail set, ear set, markings, eye size, ear size, bite, angulation or movement, something cosmetic.

IMPORTANT:  PLEASE only purchase a show potential puppy from either: 1) someone that shows their own dogs in the ring and has put at the very least championships on several dogs or 2) someone that has been breeding for a extensive period of time and has a long history of producing Champion dogs. Any breeder selling a "show potential" puppy should have the knowledge to fully evaluate that puppy's show potential STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES. They should be willing to replace a show potential puppy, SOLD AS SUCH, that does not turn out due to a significant structural issue or has a AKC breed standard Fault. Important things to remember is that even a nicely put together 3 month old puppy may not turn into a nice adult show dog. Just in the time I have been showing and breeding show dogs I have learned that you NEVER STOP LEARNING. Mother nature loves to surprise, sometime for the better and sometimes, sorry to say, for the worse.

All our breeding adults have a full breed panel done on them for genetic issues including PRA1, NAD, Von Willebrand, & FactorVII. We guarantee the health of our puppies against any life threatening congenital or heredity defects for the first year of their life. If such an issue were to arise, we would replace the puppy at the earliest availability. Pet Puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract and limited AKC registration. Puppies will always be up todate on vaccinations & worming, will have had a minimum of 3 shots including 1-2 (5-way) shots, and will come with a complete vaccination/worming record. All puppies are required to have a vet examination within 3 business days of the buyer's receipt of the puppy, unless otherwise agreed upon. Limited Registration papers are provided via email from AKC after receipt of puppy. I REQUIRE ALL pet puppies NOT to be spay/neuter until full bone growth has occured. Generally around 12 months to 18 months old. 

I am always available for questions for those wanting to learn more about the breed, as well as those looking to add a new member to their family. Should you get a puppy from us, I am available for the life of your new family member. I also have a Life-Time Return Policy, if you should ever be unable to keep a Papillon from us, they should be returned to us regardless of reason or age, unless other arrangements approved by us are made. We never want one of our Papillons to end up in a shelter or rescue.

Feel free to call, text, or email me with any questions or for more pictures. We are State Registered & Inspected and AKC Inspected.

Buffy (pictured), was my bed buddy for 16 wonderful years, passing in May 2021. She was my very first show dog and my foundation female, our MATRIARCH. Buffy has given me wonderful sons, daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren and now even great great great grandchildren. One of her great grandson Jazz (pictured) is producing kids of his own. Jazz is just one of Buffy's desendents in our breeding program. Buffy is a true Matriarch. And this is just the beginning of what she will have done for us. Be on the look out for the generations of grand and great grand etc. kids in the future. Thank you Buffy and Thank you Margie Riccomini of Monarch Kennel for her.

Our Pride & Joy, BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW(BISS) BRONZE GRAND CHAMPION(BGCH), BISS BGCH CH ZELICAON JOURNEY TO INDPENDENCE aka FLASH (pictured), still siring litters at 13. He finished 2012 Ranked as the #18 Papillon in the country, with 17 BEST OF BREED(BOB) wins including the BISS win, with the last 9 BOB wins in a row and 3 BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX(BOS) wins for a total of 247 Breed points. He was on the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship TOP 25 Honor Roll & GRAND CHAMPION Honor Roll for 2012. Defeated the #1 Papillon in the country of 2011 & 2012, a total of 4 times in 2012, 3 times for BOB including the BISS win & 1 time for Select Dog. All in All a good year for a owner handled dog. Flash's LIFE TIME RECORD -- 1-BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW (BISS), 1-Group 3 placement, 23 BEST OF BREED (BOB) wins & 7 BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX (BOS) wins. Flash earned the AKC's Bronze Medalion for earning over 100 Grand Champion points. Flash got the BISS win at the Papillon Club of Tulsa Specialty defeating the #1 Papillon in the country, several other top 20 ranked Papillons and some big Papillon kennels in May 2012 in Tulsa, OK. He also took an Award of Merit at the second Papillon Specialty that day. Flash is uncle to 2010 #1 Papillon in the country GCH CH ZELICAON BUTCH CASSIDY AT DRACO aka Parker, sired by Flash's half brother CH MONARCH'S MIGHTY TITUS BY SANDEL aka Titus. Titus spent the rest of his long life at stud at Monarch Kennel. A great dog that will be missed.

CH KATURAH'S SUPERNATURALLY CHARGED BOO FOR SKYTRY aka Boo (pictured), was our own little piece of history, he passed 8/2020. We are however blessed to have a few descendants caring on for their beautiful father/grandfather etc. Boo's Grt Grt Grandpa was the one and only AM CAN DUTCH INT CH LOTEKI SUPERNATURAL BEING aka Kirby the first and only Papillon to win BEST IN SHOW(BIS) at the Westminster Kennel Club, he did it in 1999, also winning the BIS 1998 World Dog Show in Helsinki, Finland defeating a total entry of 15,200 dogs and also winning BIS 1998 Royal Canadian Show. All 3 shows in the same Show Year, The Triple Crown of Dog showing. Kirby is the first dog to win both the Westminster and the World Dog Show. In 1996 he was the first Papillon to take a GROUP 1 at Westminster. He was BOB at Westminster 1993, 1996, 1998 & 1999. Kirby took BISS at the Papillon Club of America's National Specialty a total of 4 times, 1994, 1996, 1997 and in 2005 as a veteran of 14 years. Read all about Kirby at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loteki_Supernatural_Being#Show_history

Call for questions on future litters/breedings.
Full registration is available for select puppies to approved homes.
Personal references from some of our pet families available upon request.
We do occationally have retired adults available.

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE TO PETA, HSUS OR ASPCA!!!!!!  They want to put an end to all animal ownership and husbandary. Do your research, you can start with www.humanewatch.org. ASPCA National organization not to be confused with any local animal control/shelters that barrows the name. If you want to help animals, give or volunteer with your LOCAL humane society or animal shelter. You will probably give more to them then HSUS OR ASPCA ever has.

PETA, HSUS & ASPCA GOALS are to make it illegal to own, breed or show animals period. Not just dogs & cats, horses and all animals. Many good/responsible breeders have or are quitting due to the continued increase in federal and state regulations & requirements. Please note that most of these regulations & requirements result in less and less contact and socialization of breeding dogs and their puppies. It is to the point that continuing something we love is a constant battle, a constant fight for the right to breed and show our dogs. I predict in under 10yrs, if the ratical animals rights movement continue as they have to date, you will not be able to find a puppy with a private breeder that you could afford. You could be forced to buy a puppy from Mexico or another country, also going to be very costly with little to no guarantee on their breeding or health. Whether Small Show breeders like myself or Large scale commercial breeders, we are all struggling to meet the continued increasing federal & state regulations & requirements. We can not compete with the amount of money that animal rights organizations spend in political contributions and lobbying that they do on the Federal and State Political stages. Finding a breeder or well bred puppy is going to get much more difficult and expensive. This sadly is the best case scenario. Worst case, NO PUPPIES AT ALL or only available puppies have to be imported from another country and you can imagine the expense of that.

HSUS IS THE PUBLIC FACE FOR PETA, PETA's front with a misleading SOFTER IMAGE. They want to force their views, beliefs, and life style of being vegan on everyone. If you like your steak, bacon, eggs, or milk you should not support them. Don't fall for their propaganda of sad puppy eyes. They don't care about helping or saving animals. PETA has one of the highest kill rates in the country, based on the total number of animals(a few thousand) taken in, to the number they kill(nearly all) well over 90%. They are all just one a GIANT LOBBYING MACHINE. Their goal is to put an end to: ALL pet/animal ownership, ALL pet/animal showing/exhibiting, ALL animal breeding, and ALL consumption of any type of animal product. When I say ALL pet/animal showing/exhibiting, it includes: dog shows, cat shows, rabbit shows, horse shows Western & English, Rodeos, ALL equestrian events including those in the Olympics, livestock shows, 4H shows, herding trials, tracking trials, hunting trials, barn hunts, agility, obedience, rally competitions, tracking dogs, rescue dogs, hunting, trail riding, trail pack animal events, cross country riding/packing competitions, etc.  ANY & ALL events, hobbies, competitions, activities, passions related to or involving animals of any kind, GONE, if they achieve their end game. Also including all service animals, military dogs & police dogs. NOTHING IS SAFE. PLUS we would ALL be vegans, no meat, no dairy, no poultry products etc. This is their end game. If you choose to support them, you might want to find out what RIGHTS & FREEDOMS they plan to take away from you using your own money. Just look into it for your own sake. Also see http://www.mofed.org Missouri Federation Of Animal Owners, fighting for your right to own, keep, and breed (if you so wish) animals in Missouri. Just do some research!!!!

If you want to support a charity, how about supporting troops and veterans Honor Flights www.honorflight.org. Another great charity, Wounded Warrior Project. www.woundedwarriorproject.org. Or St. Judes is a great charity https://www.stjude.org/promotion/impact-givingpm.htmlsc_dcm=254910857&sc_cid=kwp75473&source_code=IIQ190721002&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsPrZnPLL6gIVCtbACh2FmQ6sEAAYASAAEgIcmPD_BwE 

Just to name a few. Also, give and/or volunteer with your local animal control/shelters.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: CASH ONLY at time of pickup. For puppies that are flying out with new owner, Full Payment is due at time of receiving the puppy at the airport in the form of cash or cashier's check or USPO money order. A nonrefundable deposit of $300 is required to hold a puppy.

Click an image below to enlarge.

Romeo aka CH SILVERMORNING’S GRAND PRIX is a newer addition to help our lines improve upon their coat.
Mark one of our wonderful studs, he is starting to gray a little. A Sire Of Merit working on his Sire Of Distinction.
Jazz aka GCH CH SKYTRY'S TRANSFORMERS HIP-HOP MUSIC MASTER.He is another fabulous stud. He produces puppies with high drive.
Flash still doing great things for our breeding program at 13, including a CH son & another son & a few grandkids working on their titles.
Falcon fully retired at 15. Did some great things for our breeding program for 14 years. Was 1 major win from becoming a GCH solely from the veterans class, but age caught up with his good looks at 12yrs old.
Boo aka CH KATURAH'S SUPERNATURALLY CHARGED BOO FOR SKYTRY, gone but not forgotten. I see him in his son Fergus everyday.
Buffy our Matriarch, AKC pointed, Deeply missed but never forgotten, lived a great 16 years. Built to show but meant for greater things. She is mother to grandmother and far beyond to some in our home, the ring & many loving pets.