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Welcome to Big Sky Shih Tzu, your AKC Registered Shih Tzu Breeder in Scobey, Montana.  I am a small in home breeder specializing in the gorgeous liver colors.  Although there is a wide variety of colors that the Shih Tzu's can come in, we choose to focus our breeding program on the unique liver pigments.  You see, Liver is a recessive gene that produces the brown pigment seen in their nose, eye lids, lips and paw pads.  It does not just refer to the color of their coat.  We have great combinations of some spectacular pedigrees full of color which is where we are able to produce a wide array of colors from Dark Chocolate, Red Liver, Orange Liver, Cream Liver and Dobie Livers.  So if you are looking for that one of a kind, unique Shih Tzu you have come to the right place!

Not only do I focus my breeding on color I also have spent a lot of time and effort finding quality healthy, happy Shih Tzus that show great conformation to the breed standard.  My breeding pair weigh in at 8 and 9 pounds so they produce perfect petite sized puppies still within standard.  Both parents are calm, well behaved, smart, affectionate dogs, and their puppies are really quite something!  Our dogs and their puppies are more than just pets to us, they are part of our family and are treated as such.  They are socialized, happy, and provide us with an enormous amount of enjoyment daily!  Our puppies are handled and snuggled many times a day, they are not kennel puppies.  We work with each puppy on house training so that they are on their way to completion when you get them home.  Each puppy is health checked by our vetrinarian and vaccinated and treated with a worm preventative.  

We ask that you please learn all you can about the Shih Tzu before you purchase.  We want our puppies to go to informed homes so they get the best of care.  Please be aware of the commitment you are signing up for when you bring a puppy into your family.  They require a lo of time, energy, patience and expense.  

Please check our website for up to date information and available puppies.  


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Ambrose ~ SOLD
Ashton ~ SOLD
Adrian ~ SOLD
Adele ~ SOLD