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This last weekend during the Indy Cluster, Mags received her first major towards her championship under Judge Toddie Clark, and Victor finished his AKC championship at the ripe old age of 10 mos. under Judge Darryl Vice!  

Litters I am contemplating: Nyx/Baron in a couple of months; possibly 2 girls I co-own to boys I co-own (we'll see); and later on this year, after I finish Mags & her OFAs are completed in September, I have found a boy a like for Mags' 1st litter.  We'll see how things come together!

Of my dogs here, my GR CH, Aladdin, I am also considering placing, with the understanding ahead of time that I don't want him neutered & will be 'borrowing him back' to show in veteran classes in 2 years (just to show, not to keep).  Lad is my first grandchampion in AKC, but broke his left canine tooth, which I had surgically removed before it abscessed.  I can not show him for 2 more years, when he would be a veteran, as Lad a Dog is now 5.  He's a beautiful horse coat, loves everyone.  I don't know about cats, but he  tries hard for squirrels!  Going to dog shows without him is a definite 'guilt trip', as Lad loves people (including little people), loves to show & take car rides. 


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And I'm supposed to sleep…where?
Nyx's New CH picture
Mags WB picture 2/5/15
Victor's New CH picture 2/6/15
Victor, up & coming show puppy!
Mags, up & coming show girl!