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Looking for a tore ear home is Rowan, the Pei-Pador. She is part Pei: the rest of her is anyone's guess! She is a rescue out of a kill shelter in Chattanooga, TN, was surrendered by her owner, so had exactly one week to get out to rescue or she was going to be put down. Long story short, she ended up at my house, & I need another dog like I need a hole in y head!  Rowan is sweet, loves kids, does get along with the majority of my dogs, all except for Nyx. ( But, Nyxie is another story!)

Rowan has had all her shots, has been spayed & microchipped, and is great in the crate!  Anyone need a good dog?

Litters I am contemplating: Nyx/Aladdin if she will let anyone get close; and both Mags & Bella will hopefully be bred;  if all goes well.

Of my dogs here, my GR CH, Aladdin, I am also considering placing, with the understanding ahead of time that I don't want him neutered & will be 'borrowing him back' to show in veteran classes in 1 year (just to show, not to keep).  Lad is my first grandchampion in AKC, but broke his left canine tooth, which I had surgically removed before it abscessed.  I can not show him for 1 more years, when he would be a veteran, as Lad a Dog is now 6.  He's a beautiful horse coat, loves everyone.  I don't know about cats, but he  tries hard for squirrels!  Going to dog shows without him is a definite 'guilt trip', as Lad loves people (including little people), loves to show & take car rides. 


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And I'm supposed to sleep…where?
Nyx's New CH picture
Mags WB picture 2/5/15
Victor's New CH picture 2/6/15
Rowan, again!
Rowen, the Pei-pador