Buying Your Dog His Bed

Posted by  on June 16, 2010

By Susan M. Keenan ©2008

Buying your dog a bed is one of the first things that you will do once you bring him home. Dogs and puppies come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention temperaments, so it’s important to think about all of these factors before making your purchase.

If you purchase a ready-made dog bed, it needs to be large enough to hold your dog comfortably. After all, beds are made for sleeping and if your dog cannot fit into his bed, it isn’t going to be very useful to him. Plus, if you have one of the smaller breeds, a small dog bed will be quite functional.

A Matter of Personal Choice… And Style

What you decide to purchase is more a factor of personal choice than anything. Some dog owners prefer to have their dog sleep at the bottom of their own bed, while others prefer to provide an individual bed for their dog. Additionally, some dog owners prefer to buy the very best that there is, while others are content to purchase something functional.

Comfort is Key

Since your dog will be spending quite a bit of time in his bed, it’s important to get him something suitable and comfortable. Purchasing a bed that allows you sufficient room for blankets makes it an easy task for cleaning up. Simply toss the blankets into the wash and your dog or puppy will have a fresh bed.

On the other hand, if your puppy is going through a teething stage, you might want to consider something that will withstand his young but powerful jaws. Alternatively, your dog might prefer to sleep on the furniture at hand, that is, if you allow him to do so.

Perhaps the best way to decide upon a permanent bed for your dog is to observe him for a few days to discover what he prefers. Is your dog looking for a secure, hidden spot in your home for his sleeping spot? If he is, then he might like one of the bed styles that come with a hooded top. This type of bed has an upper section that reaches over the portion of the bed where the dog lies, providing a hidden, secure spot for your pet.

You May Not Want Your New Dog on Your New Couch

If he is climbing on your furniture and you would prefer that he did not, then you might consider buying him a doggie bed of his own. Perhaps one of the larger, shaped styles of dog beds would suit his needs. The donut style of doggie bed has a depression in the center with slightly raised sides. This type of bed allows your dog to feel safe and secure, provided the bed is the right size for his body.

Different Styles of Dog Bed

Basket dog beds are not as soft as prefabricated beds. However, they can be just as comfortable with the addition of a few blankets and pillows. Reversible dog beds allow you to change the pattern or color of the dog’s bed with a simple reversal of its contents.

Sofa dog beds are shaped just like a miniature sofa and blend in with your existing décor. These are probably styled more for the interest of the dog owner than for the dog, but they are comfortable.

Shaped dog beds offer a bit of playfulness and creativity with their purchase. These beds have been manufactured in a wide array of shapes including wagons, trucks, and more.

Since the purchase of a bed for your dog is one that you will only make every few years, consider your options with your pet in mind. Think about where the bed will go in your home and whether you have enough room for it.