Kongs are Still King for Chewing Puppies

Posted by  on June 16, 2010

Puppies love to chew. New puppy owners prepare for this by purchasing all sorts of different chew toys. Typically, the floor will be covered with toys, but the puppy will find the one pair of expensive running shoes and chew them instead. The puppy chew toys will be lying around, ignored.

There’s one toy, though, that won’t be ignored. It’s a fairly common and widely used puppy toy. However, not everyone uses it correctly. The toy is, the Kong.

Stuff it with treats

When you’re done throwing the toy, stuff the hollow center with treats. A great combination is small doggie treats slathered in peanut butter. Stuff the Kong with as many treats as you can. You want the treats to be jammed tight. Be sure to push the treats in far enough so the dog has to work to extract them. If you leave them hanging out, the puppy will make short work of them and start looking for your shoes.

If you’ve stuffed the Kong well, your puppy will blissfully spend hours chewing and trying to get to the goodies inside. With work, the puppy will be able to get little bits and pieces of treats. The occasional treasure will keep the puppy content. A content puppy makes a content puppy owner, and an intact pair of expensive shoes.

Size matters

There are lots of different sizes and shapes of Kong toys. Whatever type you decide on, be sure it has a hollow center and is an appropriate size for your puppy.

Makes a great toy too

The great thing about the Kong puppy toy is its versatility. Using it as a ball and throwing it for your puppy to chase around is great fun. The random bounces cause your puppy to really get after the toy. After fifteen minutes of Kong catching, your puppy will be ready for a rest.

Use it to help train

The Kong can also be used as a training tool. Give your puppy the treat stuffed Kong on a spot where you want him to hang out. For instance, give the toy to the pup when you put them in their crate, or when they’re on their favorite pillow. They’ll associate this spot with a tasty treat and will go there willingly.

Once they’re on the pillow say, “pillow” then give them the toy. After a couple of repetitions the puppy will know that if they get on their pillow when told, they’ll get a treat.

This kind of positive re-enforcement training can be very effective. Your puppy will learn to love the Kong and won’t even realize he’s learning while he’s chewing.

Choose wisely and pup will chew wisely

The Kong puppy toy is the perfect versatile tool for your new puppy. The Kong’s lively action is fun for your pup to chase and catch. When it’s stuffed with treats, it’s a great way to keep your puppy from chewing things you don’t want chewed. Puppies are going to chew no matter what, so you may as well control what they chew.