Should You Call Your Dog on the Phone

Posted by  on June 16, 2010

By Susan M. Keenan 2008

Quite often, many dogs are left home alone for several hours for a variety of reasons. The dog might experience some loneliness, anxiety, or even depression should this be a new experience for him. In fact, the dog owner might also experience some anxiety or guilt over leaving his pet home alone.

Should the dog owner take the time to call his dog on the phone and talk to him? Is there any benefit for the dog? Or perhaps, the dog owner is only calling his canine to relieve the guilt that he feels for leaving him for such an extended period of time?

Try it first before you go away

Whatever the motivation for calling the dog while the dog owner is away, it’s best to do a bit of experimentation to see how the dog will react. If the phone call is only going to make the dog more anxious or depressed, then it probably isn’t a good idea. Some dogs appear to be comforted and relaxed when they hear the sound of their owner’s voice on the phone. On the other hand, some dogs become even more anxious when they cannot find their owner even though they can hear his voice.

Call your dog if he enjoys hearing you on the phone

Dog owners can run the experiment in the manner that they see fit. Perhaps they can go outside and make a phone call while watching secretly through the window. If the sound of their voices makes the dog anxious, the phone call is a bad idea. However, if the dog appears to enjoy hearing the sound of his owner’s voice, then phone calls are a good idea.

Reduce Anxiety

Another way for dog owners to help their dog to endure hours without them is to establish a routine and stick with it. Spending a few minutes of quality time with their pet before they leave is an excellent beginning. Making sure that the dog will have what he needs while his owner is away is also a good idea. Spending quality time with their dog once they arrive back home is another good idea for dog owners to practice as well.