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Help with Finding a Breeder

General Questions about Dogs and Breeders

General Dog Questions

What breed is that cute little puppy that I see so often at Breeders.NET?

Currently it's a Labrador Retriever puppy. It used to be a West Highland White Terrier puppy (and that's what might appear on a few older pages that are still active). But usually it's a big mistake to choose a breed based solely on looks. See the excellent 'Selectapet' interactive breed selector at PetNet.

I have a general question about dogs not covered here. Where can I ask it?

We suggest you join the group at Petdogs-L, a flame-free dog list on the web where folks can ask any question and get a straight, respectful answer, and post your question there.

I have a question about the Breeders.NET directory or the doggies.com Breed Guides that are not covered here. What should I do?

Please complete our support form and ask your question there. We will attempt to respond as quickly as possible, based on the order in which we receive requests, the number we receive at any one time and the severity of the problems. We will try to respond within one to five business days.

Breeding and Breed Questions

I'm considering a specific breed. Where can I learn more about my chosen breed?

Check out our Breed Guides to learn more about your chosen breed. We've compiled quick stats and in-depth articles for hundreds of dog breeds. Click the first letter of the breed, then select a breed guide from the list.

Where can I get information on becoming a dog breeder?

First go to Dog Breeding Involves Thoughtful Preplanning. For more complete guidance, get "Successful Dog Breeding: The Complete Handbook of Canine Midwifery" by Walkowicz and Wilcox, an excellent book on the subject.

How can I find a mate for my dog?

Try searching for dog breeders located nearest you on our Breeders.NET web site and contacting the listed dog breeders. But before you contact them see our dog breeder evaluation checklist.

What's the best way to decide on which dog breed is right for me and my family?

See the excellent 'Selectapet' interactive breed selector at PetNet.

How can I get information about dog breeds that do well with people with an allergy?

There's an excellent article about dogs and allergies here.

How can I find dog breeders in Europe?

Visit www.hund.ch for European breeders.

How can I learn more about dog registration and "papers" for a puppy or litter?

You can find out all about dog and litter registration and "papers" from the AKC.

Training and Behavioral Concerns

I have a general question about dog care, dog activities or dog training. Where can I get a good answer?

We suggest you join the discussion group at Petdogs-L, an excellent, free dog forum on the web where folks can ask any question and get a straight, respectful answer, and post your question there. You can also explore our growing library of helpful articles at our Dog Den, or visit our Dog Blog for quick tips and pointers.

I have a training problem with my dog (biting, chewing, barking, not obeying, etc.) and need some help. Where can I get it?

You'll find some excellent training resources at:

  • There are many excellent books on dog training available at Amazon.
  • Dr. P's Dog Training is a good online resource.
  • Join the discussion list at Petdogs-L, an excellent dog forum list on the web where folks can ask any question and get a straight, respectful answer, and post your question there.

My dog eats its own feces (stools). It's disgusting. What should I do?

A dog eating its own feces is called coprophagia. There's an excellent article on its causes, treatment and prevention.

Lost and Found

What can I do if I've lost my dog or found a stray dog?

We've listed several online lost and found pet resources:

AKC Companion Animal Recovery
Flealess Market's Lost Pets
Hugs for Homeless Animals
Pet Posts
Missing Pet Network
The PetWork
Pets MIA
Sherlock Bones

I need to find a rescue organization for a specific breed and/or in a specific area. What can I do?

See the rescue links the AKC National Breed Club Rescue Network and Petfinder.com.


How can I find accommodations that will accept me with my dog when we are traveling?

We've compiled a list of web sites that show pet-friendly accommodations:

Owner Direct Vacation Rentals
Pets Allowed Hotels
Dog Friendly
Pet Friendly Inns
Pet Friendly Hotels
Pet Friendly Travel
Pet Vacations
Eileen's Directory
International Pet Travel
Pet Friendly
Take Your Pet
Pet Friendly Inns
Travel Pets
CyberRentals Vacation Rentals
Pet Friendly Canada
Pet Friendly Hotels
Pets On The Go
Pets Welcome