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Searching for a Breeder?

Help with Finding a Breeder

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How to use the site

How do I use Breeders.NET to find a breeder or puppy?

It's easy -- just follow these steps:

  • From any page on the Breeders.NET site click on "Breeder Search" in the top menu.
  • Scroll down through the listing of breeds and select the one you're interested in.
  • Enter your 5 digit US zip code or 6 character Canadian postal code
  • Select whether to search all of North America or only U.S. or Canada
  • Click "Fetch"

You'll get a list of the nearest dog breeders for your selected dog breed. Once you have the list of results, it is up to you to contact the dog breeders directly by clicking on the email icon or calling them on the telephone. But before you contact them we suggest you read How to Find a Dog and see our dog breeder evaluation checklist.

Why do you show only breeders located near me? Why won't you give me a list by state or province, or all the breeders for my breed?

We've considered making the entire directory available, but the problem is we would make it too easy for spammers, scammers and marketers to get the breeders' names, addresses and email addresses. You can expand your search by starting with your zip code or postal code and then doing further searches using the zip codes or postal codes that appear near the end of the previous search. More work, but it gets you what you need while being beyond the automatic capabilities of the spammers.

In what order are the breeders presented in the search results?

Position in the search results is determined by the location of the searcher and the location of the various breeders. If a breeder is listed somewhere down the list, it is because other breeders located nearer the searcher are shown first. However, a breeder located very close to a searcher will appear at or near the top of the search results for that nearby searcher.

The breed I’m looking for isn’t listed in the menu. What should I do?

If the breed you’re looking for is a combination breed (e.g. yorkiepoo, pekapoo, maltepoo, shihpoo, etc), we don't include hybrid breeds in our directory until they have progressed to the point where there is a sustainable breeding program, with adults of the hybrid reproducing puppies themselves. You might try going to a search engine like Google or Yahoo and searching there.

Breeders.NET Standards

What standards do you require of a dog breeder to be eligible to be listed in Breeders.NET?

When they register with us, each dog breeder must affirm that they have read and agree to be bound by the Breeders.NET Breeder's Code of Ethics.

Does Breeders.NET inspect the listed kennels or otherwise verify the quality and reputation of the dog breeders?

No, that is up to you. We give you the following tools to help you:

How can I find out if any complaints have been registered about a breeder listed in Breeders.NET?

We get very few breeder complaints, but if we do get a serious, verifiable complaint we remove the breeder from the directory. We suggest you look at our breeder evaluation checklist and use it as a guide to form your own opinion.

I want to complain about a breeder listed in Breeders.NET. What should I do?

Breeders.NET has established standards, which breeders must agree to adhere to when they register with us. We do not inspect the breeders. Instead, we provide an article and a checklist to help people evaluate a breeder.

If you find physical conditions on a breeder's premises that you believe are not up to appropriate standards, we suggest you report those conditions to local animal control authorities or to the local offices of the SPCA or the Humane Society.

If a breeder listed in Breeders.NET has been held to be in violation of any governmental laws or regulations regarding their kennel or their breeding activities, or they have officially been held to be in violation of the rules and regulations of a duly constituted kennel club, registry, breed club or similar organization, please send us the details. Upon review, we will take appropriate action. No allegations or accusations please... only specific rulings from recognized authorities or organizations.

NOTE: We recently discovered that our old complaint form didn't work with all web browsers. Therefore, if you sent us a complaint in the past and we didn't respond, please send us the details again

If you find a breeder listed in Breeders.NET to be in violation of any other part of the Breeders.NET Breeder's Code of Ethics, you may wish to report the breeder to the appropriate breed club, kennel club, registry or similar organization.

If you have a dispute with a breeder listed in Breeders.NET regarding such matters as registration, condition of a pup, or any other matter which is the subject of the agreement between you and the breeder, we are not in a position to assist in resolving the dispute. You may believe that a breeder has not lived up to the agreement, but we don't have the facilities to verify this independently. The dispute must be resolved as with any dispute about an agreement between two parties, starting with communication directly between the parties and then negotiation and settlement. If that fails to resolve the dispute, the parties may choose to pursue legal action (although we hope they will try to resolve the dispute before it gets that far -- in our experience, lawsuits generally benefit the lawyers more than the parties to the dispute).